Arms Park And The Manics -, 5th October 1999

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Title: Arms Park And The Manics
Date: Tuesday 5th October 1999

New single next year, new album 2001...

Manic Street Preachers have announced that their next album will not be out until 2001 and according to James Dean Bradfield it will be a return to the spirit of 'The Holy Bible'. "We'll be adored but poor," he said.

Speaking in Cardiff today to launch Manics Millennium at Cardiff Arms Park, the band did not announce any of the line-up despite expectations that that was the reason for calling the press conference.

"There will be bands, films, celebs and guests," said Nicky Wire. "Like a big pub."

He then went on to slam other Millennium events such as Cream's massive party, for being too expensive.

The band hit back at allegations that they were about to split.

"It's the longest running soap opera ever," Nicky Wire said. "People thought we were going to split up in Belgium. If we were going to split up we certainly wouldn't do it in Belgium!"

They also said that the front of the new Millennium Stadium would have the names of famous Welsh rugby players carved on stones, known as The World In Union Balcony. The Manics also would have four stones placed there; fourth being of Richey.

Despite not announcing any of the other acts playing - Catatonia and Stereophonics have been rumoured - he said that the gig has been two and a half years in planning.

The band, as previously reported, will play their first and only show of 2000 at Manics Millennium. The new single 'Masses Against The Classes' will be out early next year. According to Nicky there will be no video and no special packaging.

"Like The Clash," he said.

Tickets for the show priced £30 go on sale from tomorrow at 9am.