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5 Songs You Must Hear This Week: Nicky Wire - NME, 11th August 2007

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Title: 5 Songs You Must Hear This Week: Nicky Wire
Publication: NME
Date: Saturday 11th August 2007


The Stone Roses - Made Of Stone
"It's just a genius lyrics, amazing production - sound like 'Like A Hurricane' by Neil Young done with more taste. It reminds me of a time when I realised the possibility of music - what you could do with image, lyrics and brilliant guitars and brilliant drums. I've never wanted to sound like it, but it implied possibilities."

Nirvana - Pennyroyal Tea
"'In Utero' towers over the rest of Nirvana's stuff for me anyway, and 'Pennyroyal Tea' does especially, it's got the greatest drums ever recorded and a starkly depressing lyric. 'In Utero' along with 'The Holy Bible', is one of the most honestly raw records ever committed to plastic, there's such honesty on there it's frightening. Even now when you put it on, it kind of disturbs as well as entertains."

Bright Eyes - Four Winds
"I genuinely think 'Four Winds' is out of this world, the lyrical wordplay and the bravery of it all, and the way he deals with religious issues and the search for truth. This album is the first time I think Bright Eyes has made a fully formed record, as much as I love all of his stuff, there's something about this record that I love. He hasn't retreated into his safe world, he's gone, 'For once in my life, I'm going to lead by example - lead from the front, and try and convert the whole world'."

Manic Street Preachers - Yes
"It's one of the greatest lyrics ever. All the words are Richey [Edwards], besides the title, which was my idea - he couldn't find a title. The way James [Dean Bradfield] twisted the words round a tune is just brilliant. If you looked at those lyrics without hearing the music, you wouldn't think you could make a song out of it. If a set of lyrics ever summed up a person's state of mind, then I think it's 'Yes'. You can feel all four of us locking into some sort of all-engulfing misery."

The Loft - Why Does The Rain
"They're a long lost band who were on Creation, part of the C86 movement. They were a really big influence on my solo record. It sounds like a record that was made before The Byrds discovered country music. There's these daggy, out of tune vocals - it's like it was recorded in a time machine. They fell apart in no time at all. I think the drummer was a sub-editor on the NME actually [He was - Alumni. Ed], Bill Prince."