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27/05/2001 - Smash Hits Radio - Planet Pop

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Presenter: Ladies and gentlemen, this afternoon on 'Smash Hits' radio, it gives me great pleasure to introduce James Dean Bradfield from he Manic Street Preachers.

JDB: Hi de hi!

Presenter: How you doing?

JDB: Not too bad, sir!

Presenter: Obviously, you've got the new album out...

JDB: Yeah...

Presenter: It's doing really well, isn't it, 'Know Your Enemy'?

JDB: Hanging in there.

Presenter: Yeah, absolutely brilliat man, no, it's great, don't put it down, it's doing fantastically well.

JDB: Yeah, I mean,'s doing O.K. in Luxemburg at the moment, it's fine.

Presenter: (Laughs)

JDB: No, it's kind of like, it's been fine. Y'know, it's weird being on your 6th album, it's's kind of like, y'know, kind of, you do see a lot of younger bands beneath you, erm, ah,kind of...I don't mean 'beneath' you, I just mean, in age.

Presenter: I know what you mean.

JDB: Erm, y'know, you just, you kind of, you start out again and you think 'ah, Jesus, you know, can I keep those energy levels up?' So it's, kind of, it's weird being back out there again.

Presenter: Yeah, how do you do it? It, know, because yo 've got to reinvent yourself all the time.

JDB: Ahm...

Presenter: Must be really difficult.

JDB: Yeah, I mean, kind of, to be honest; no. I mean, I think, it's easier for us just because we've all grown up with each other, erm, you know, we've all been friends, er, since, like, the year dot. When a lot of bands finish a tour and they come off the road after being on the road for a year, sometimes they just don't wanna see each other for like, y'know, 6 months. With us, it's always different, y'know, because we've always been friends, y'know, whenever we finish an album or finish a tour, y'know, we always get bored after a month and then we just get back together and start writing songs. And, like, I think we just, kind of miss each other when we don' actually see each other for a month or so, it's easy for us to actually, get back together and just start re-inventing things.

Presenter: Right, I'm with you. So it's kind of, part of your life now is it?

JDB: Yeah. I mean, sometimes y'know, Nick and Sean, have spent more, as much time as, with me, as they have with their wives during the course of a year. Which is quite strange, y'know. So, kind of like, I mean, yeah, it's almost like, y'know, the way, it's like our cycle these days.

Presenter: I just, erm, I'm looking at a copy of the album here, right. And, er...this really surprises me, because it's got a 'Parental Guidance: Explicit Lyrics' sticker on the front.

JDB: I know; I'm so proud of that.

Presenter: What's that all about, James? You're not, you're not like that, are you?

JDB: No, I love those stickers. It's like the seal of approval.

Presenter: Really?

JDB: Beautiful, yeah!

Presenter: Does that make the album sell?

JDB: Erm, probably not, no. Ahh, kind of, it probably, kind of like, they probably, kind of - in Woolworths, they probably put you at the bottom of the racks.

Presenter: (Laughs) Do they?

JDB: (Lughs) Nah, they don't. Nah, it's er, I don't I don't really know, I mean, I don't really know if we've ever had one of those before really. I think, y'know, as we're getting older, we're just like, developing Tourette's syndrome, y'know, we can't stop swearing.

Presenter: Ahm, which songs in particular have got the explicit lyrics on, or is it most of them?

JDB: Ahm...I dunno, can't actually remember...

Presenter: (Laughs)

JDB: I mean, kind of, as I'm getting older, I'm, I'm developing, y'know, kind of some kind of senile, kind of like, dementia.

Presenter: You sure they've not stuck the sticker on just for show?

JDB: Noooo! God, I don't think so. I didn't actually, I didn't actually realise that, you know, one was going to be on there until I got the album back, and I was like; 'mmm, that looks good'.

Presenter: (Laughs) you like it?

JDB: It's like a Marilyn Manson album.

Presenter: (Laughs)

JDB: (Laughs)

Presenter: Or an Eminem album or something like that?

JDB: Yeah.

Presenter: So, what are you up to at the moment? Obviously we've got the new single, which is just come out soon; 'Ocean Spray', which we'll talk about in a couple of minutes...

JDB: We're gearing up to do all the Festivals now, y'know, kind of, we're just getting our sleeping bags and putting them on the bus and, er..., so...

Presenter: Oh dear, is it really like that?

JDB: Not really, no.

Presenter: No.

JDB: Ahhh...

Presenter: So, it's posh 5 Star hotels and Champagne?

JDB: Ahh, it's posh bus...

Presenter: Very nice. So you're doing er, the Reading Festival on the 25th of August, aren't you?

JDB: Yeah, we're doing Reading and Leeds, yeah.

Presenter: And you're doing Leeds as well?

JDB: Yeah.

Presenter: I was talking to erm, Kelly Jones from the Stereophonics...

JDB: Yeah...

Presenter: ...a few weeks ago, I obviously wanted to get your opinion on the, the old 'Anne Robinson' thing.

JDB: Err, kind of, y'know, the more, kind of, the more distant you get from all, er, from the actual, kind of, 'incident', shall we call it...

Presenter: Yeah.

JDB: realise that, kind of, it was done as a bit of a scam, I think. It was just before she was about to go t America and like, y'know, the angle which she's being marketed under in America, is as a total and utter, y'know, reprehensible bitch, kind of thing. You know, kind of like, I think y'know, she was just setting her stall up before she went to America.

Presenter: Right.

JDB: And, erm, y'know, actually, I've got no problem, actually, because I've always hated Anne Robinson. I used to hate 'Points Of View', I think she, er, programme; 'Points Of View'...

Presenter: That's right, yeah.

JDB: ...I used to hate that wink she used to do, I really detested it.

Presenter: (Laughs)

JDB: no, I mean, kind of like, y'know, good luck to her actually, because, er...she's kind of...

Presenter: She's made a fortune out of it, hasn't she?

JDB: Nah, just like, I just like the fact that she's quite a good scam artist these days. She's learned the value of hype, which I quite respect.

Presenter: What about the value of hype for the Manics, then? Apart from your 'Parental Guidance' sticker on the front of your album?

JDB: (Scoffs) That's not hype, Jesus!

Presenter: (Laughs)

JDB: Actually, you can't get one of those stickers unless you deserve one, so...we,we, we earned our, we earned our wings'.

Presenter: Fantastic! What's next from here then? Are you just gonna keep going and going and going and going, as long as you possibly can?

JDB: Emm, I wouldn't quite put it like tha, no. I mean, I think, erm, we're gonna do a 'Greatest Hits' next...

Presenter: (Loud mocking) Right! That's them gone!

JDB: Ahhh...

Presenter: Because, it's the final way to make a few extra quid before you knock it on the head and retire...

JDB: (Questioning tone) It wasn't true with U2, was it?

Presenter: Ah, no. It wasn't true with U2...

JDB: Ahhh...there you go...

Presenter: No, wasn't true with U2, no...

JDB: Even though...

Presenter: James, let's talk about the new single then; 'Ocean Spray'...

JDB: Yeah.

Presenter: Er, tell us about it, because there's a bit of a story behind it, isn't there. You, you, you don't need to go into massive detail if you don't want to, because I know it's really, like a personal story, isn't it?

JDB: Yeah, ehh, it's a song about, er, my Mother, she kind of died 2 years ago. It's baout that basically. It's just about, a song about the Human spirit, really. It's about how people sometimes get stronger when they, kind of, y'know, they're losing their grip on life. Let's keep it upbeat and happy shall we?

Presenter: Yeah, Let's keep it happy.

JDB: Yeah.

Presenter: Well, the song is fantastic. Ah, we're gonna give it a spin now on 'Smash Hits Radio', James; it's an absolute pleasure to speak to you, thank you so much for joining us on 'Smash Hits Radio' today. Erm, say 'Hello' to the boys for us, because I know...


Presenter: Er..they're obviously off busy doing other stuff at the moment, so they couldn't be with us.

JDB: Yeah, they are: They're gardening at the moment!

Presenter: (Laughs) Are they?

JDB: Yeah.

Presenter: (Laughs)

JDB: Nick actually is a massive fan of Begonias.

Presenter: (Laughs) Is he?!

JDB: That's the truth.

Presener: I don't know whether to believe you or not!

JDB: No, that's the truth!

Presenter: Is it?

JDB: Yeah! (Laughs)

Presenter: Oh blimey, fancy that one! Erm...

JDB: It's all rock 'n' roll

Presenter: I know, rock AND roll! James Dean Bradfield, thank you very much for joining us today.

JDB: Cheers, thanks a lot.

Presenter: Do you wanna introduce the song for us?

JDB: Ah, yeah. This is 'Ocean Spray', by the Manic Street Preachers.