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11/02/01 - BBC Radio 1 - Breakfast Show

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Why are you releasing it on the same day as another Manic's single 'Found That Soul'?

"Usually we have a consensus as to which song is going to be the new single, but this is the first time we couldn't agree on one song being the first single. The album has a vein running through it which is very much harder for 7 of the songs, the other 8 songs are a bit more eclectic. We just felt that one song couldn't represent all that."

Some people might say that it's a bit of a publicity stunt?

"I would say they are just being a bit daft really. If they'd try to negate their natural reaction to us, they might actually realise the truth is we are probably shooting ourselves in the foot because a lot of people might just buy 'Found That Soul' because they might be an earlier fan, so not buy 'So Why So Sad' because they are a bit closer to 'Found That Soul'." 

On to the listener comments...

It seems to possess a sound new to the Manics, it also sounds familiar to them. I respect them for changing and progressing the way they do. Did this new sound arrive through natural evolution or was it intentional on your part?
"We never really record a song and say we are going to try and turn it into this. It is always obvious right from the word go, when the song is born. Nearly every song 'Why So Sad', 'If You Tolerate This', 'Design For Life' - they've always been a bit different to what we've done before and it's always been a natural evolution." 

James Dean, earlierAnother comment...

The Manics in true style have surprised us all by making a 60s throw back record, but none the less it is so appealing even die hard 'Holy Bible' fans love it - what a comeback. How difficult is it to keep true to your fans whilst trying to do something different?
"It's difficult if you think about it, yeah. But I think we've managed to escape that trap of feeling the pressure of trying to second guess what might please our older or newer fans." 

A negative comment....

The fact is the Manics are selling themselves to the commercial public and moving away from the fans who made them who they are in the first place.
"That's how many people see it, but at the end of the day two of our best and most articulate imperial lyrics have been in our most successful songs. 'Design For Life' was pretty much what we'd been trying to say all our lives in our songs...I don't see any harm in that" 

A sarcastic comment...

Why does the thought of Santa Clause ringing a sleigh bell come to mind whenever I hear 'So Why So Sad'?
"Probably because their parents have got that dodgy Phil Spector Christmas album and they haven't got any other stuff Phil Spector did because they have no taste" 

Final comment...

This track is somewhat uplifting and is a sign of the Manics moving on. Are the Manics more positive now?
"I think at points we are. There is another song on the album called 'Let Robeson Sing' which is like a political tribute to somebody we admired a lot. I don't think we would have approached that song in such a way before. I think it would have been much more factual and without as much charm, perhaps without as much affection in the song" 
Do you know what to expect from the Cuba gig?
"Yeah I have an idea what to expect in terms of that it's an enigma - it's a political enigma, a cultural enigma - but we have no expectations as to what the gig might be. There might be just 100 Cubans down the front going 'You guys have got no rhythm'. We are not expecting it to be sold out or anything, that's the reason why we are doing it. We are very scared and nervous about it, and in turn very excited too - and that's the way we like to feel."  

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