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'Fuck Me! Where's The Stage?' - NME, 8th February 1997

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Title: 'Fuck Me! Where's The Stage?'
Publication: NME
Date: Saturday 8th February 1997

NME080297 (2).jpg

James Dean Bradfield

"We didn't really the board; it was only three and one silly one, but it does make us feel like a genuinely popular band for once. We've always felt like perennial second divisioners, so it gives us clarification on the subject for once. Of course, after'All The Stuff We've Been Through, Man', it's actually nice to know that people can still see us in the same light. We did think that people wouldn't buy our records because they might have been scared away from us by our history and the image, but they weren't; they liked the records and what we were saying and that's cool."

"The Obvious things aside, it has been a good year for us, but obviously it's hard for us to say that too enthusiastically. We've got to swallow certain emotions and say, 'Yeah, it has been the best year of Our lives,' but for obvious reasons we're not gonna crow about it. As far as Richey's concerned, I haven't really got anything to say about it. It's just, y'know, a time thing. But as I've said before, I've never thought of him as a deceased person. That's the only answer I can give really."

Sean Moore

Legendary for his refusal to give interviews, he's not keen to talk about the awards ("I'm not breaking the habit of a lifetime"), but as an ardent Liverpool fan he Will give an exclusive about Liverpool's 4-2 pasting at the hands Of Chelsea.

"I missed the first half, but when the second half started at 2-0, I thought, 'Oh great, brilliant! Here we go!', but three minutes later it was 2-1 , five minutes after that, 2-All, then when it was 3-2 and I turned over straight away. Fucking Chelsea."

Nicky Wire

Who said, "This award is for Richey," when he accepted the award for Best Album.

"It's nice being voted for by the fans, but we like being voted for by both the kids and by NME. NME has always been really important to us, We make no bones about it. In 1985 When NME had the top 100 albums Of all time, me and James set about trying to buy every one Of them. NME's part Of our culture,it's as important to us as TOTP or whatever. It's always nice to be in there, I still read it every week, we love bitching about all the bands. so we've got nothing against critics; I know a lot Of bands get really wound up When they re criticised, but I've always enjoyed that right from the start. I like that kind of tension, and I think you understand that need when you're younger. Of course, it's nice When the fans vote for you, but then we already know the fans like us just because they are our fans.

I thinks it's about time we won; it is Our fourth album. And if Wales win the Triple Crown then it'll be a fucking mega year.

"But it's two years on Saturday since Richey went missing and he deserves to be remembered. After all, he co-wrote four of the songs on the album before he went missing, the lyrics aren't just all mine. We miss him."