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"We're Always Striving For A New Sound" - Muzika.hr, 16th June 2008

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Title: "We're Always Striving For A New Sound"
Publication: Muzika.hr
Date: Monday 16th June 2008
Writer: Siniša Miklaužić

In the cool and windy afternoon in the north of Croatia, the legendary Bob Dylan was hosted, before that the stage and audience were won by the 'Welsh revolutionaries' Manic Street Preachers with great and fiery performances and fun jumps between songs so every visitor could figure out their enthusiasm about us visited, especially after the victory over the Germans at EP and the party that followed the day before Radar.

Manicism has existed for more than 20 years, including the period until the mid-90s, which was characterized by praise and success. Somehow, at the time of Richey James's disappearance, it seemed to lie softly as it could best be read in the last albums, most of which were good singles, while the rest of the album was pale.

They were backed up by solo albums of the most prominent members (Bradfield and Wire) because last year's " Send Away the Tigers " was a hit.

Prior to their performance, we were able to catch Nicky Wire in the backstage with whom we had a lot of themes, and it was hard to reply to him, so once again he showed that big stars do not have to be constantly selfish and inaccessible. Here's what Nicky all told us...

Here at Radar, Bob Dylan will play after you. What is the feeling of sharing a stage with such a legend as he is?
I'm very excited. There are not many other people in the world who are so mysterious and divine, real rock kings like him. One of the greatest songwriters the world had ...

Did you have the chance to meet him?
Unfortunately, I never met him. I can hardly wait for an evening to watch him live because I have not seen him yet.

Two years ago, you released a solo album, as did singer Bradfield...What did you do with that?
I think that was just a moment of cracking down his or her vanity. Maniac is a big thing, like a huge machine, while with solo albums we get freedom and independence, like at some time of romance. There was no race to sell or something else, but they were released because of our artistic expression.

How are you satisfied with that?
It was very fun, no pressure. I did not do it for fans, but for myself. I would not even think I did not sell any single album because it was my fault. I had a lot of written songs that I wanted to highlight somehow and that was an opportunity. This experience with a solo album inspired me to "Your Love Alone Is Not Enough", which I would never have written that it was not.

It seems that these two albums gave you a lot of power for the new Maniac album "Send Away the Tigers"...Are Manics really need some rest?
When we started, we actually made the first four albums in four years, because when you are young you have a lot of ideas and you can hardly wait to share them with some, but when you grow older, everything changes, you need a little more time because you've spent a lot of ideas ...

Will there be more such solo plays?
I'm no longer sure if it will be. We are now working on a new Manics album that we hope to release next March, so I doubt we'll be concerned with solo albums in the near future.

Do you spend the most time between your albums?
Most to the family. I've been married for 15 years now and I have two children, a girl and a boy, so I try to spend them as much time as possible.

On the last album there is "Your Love Alone Is Not Enough" which has become one of your greatest hits. Is not that a song a bit too pop?
Hmm, we have never been afraid of pop music in rock. When we looked back, everywhere we tried to get closer to the audience, while "Know Your Enemy" and "The Holy Bible" were a politically very dark album. I think we should have something like "Your Love Alone Is Not Enough". I'm not too embarrassed with it or pop elements in rock music ...

Whose idea was collaboration with Nina Person?
We've always wanted to cooperate with her. When I was writing a song, I told James that it would be ideal for Nina to talk to us, with which she agreed. With the Cardigans we played many times, at many festivals and I'm a big fan of them, so it all went very smoothly, Nina accepted it, we flew to New York...It was very easy to always be a good sign.

The album features the song "Working Class Hero" The Beatles as a 'hidden track'. Who else had the most influence on you?
In addition to them...When we started, we had a lot of fun at Public Enemy and Guns'n'Roses, these were the bands we loved. I think at that time everyone with 16-17 years loved these bands, so how would not we. Many independent bands, such as Magazine, Public Image, of course The Clash and Sex Pistols, have been influenced. But in principle all the music affects us, so are the films and writers, everything is there for a while. I almost inspire each other so I got some ideas as I walked the streets of Zagreb.

And where are so many politically and socially oriented texts?
I've been studying politics at college, so I'm interested in it. As some like to read a good book or listen to a CD, so I have a need for politics. I think that capitalism will soon fail, because many things do not care in it, especially in Britain. But politics is everywhere interesting, whether it is Venice, Kosovo, Wales ...

Was the Manics a tough way to call that, success because of coming from Wales?
It's harder to get started, anyway, but now it's OK. When we started twenty years ago, they all behaved at us as if we were coming from some music that did not even have a musical tradition at all. I mean, there was a pop star like Tom Jones, but there was no cool rock band, so we were, in some way, the first to set the ground for today's big rock scene. Today is much easier, afterwards came to us Stereophonics and Catatonia...you have to work seriously and devoted so you will succeed. Initially, many of us had prejudices about us, but we were all surprised by their fiery work and interesting ideas so we are so well-known and esteemed band today.

What do you think, is there today too many young indie rock bands in Britain?
There are too many of them...Everything is some line, some medium...They are not very crap, but they are not good, they are just average...

This is mostly the fault of NME and Uncut, which each day have 'the best newest band in the world'...
Yes, yes, but many of these bands are a big disappointment.

What would you separate them then?
I loved The Libertines when they progressed. There is something special about Pete Doherty, especially in his lyrics, I really admire him. Of the other bands, I like Klaxons, they are very good, the real British band that mixes everything and everything, The Enemy plays good music and the rest is...Average...

This is your first visit to Croatia?
Yes, it's my first, though you would love to come here to vacation. I've seen you have beautiful national parks, there is your incredible coast...Many of my friends come here and have only words of praise. I should put my family in the plane and fly here. We are only there for two days, and we have so many nice memories. I can not wait to get back.

What are Manic's plans in the future?
So, as I have already said, we hope to finish the album soon and we will hopefully come out in March, at the latest in April, and will be very serene and unhappy, completely different from "Send Away the Tigers", Something more in "The Holy Bible" style, and again differently...

It's good at Manic that every new album is different than the previous one...
Yes, this new sound is important and you have to strive for it, otherwise you will quickly jump to the average and get out of it. We're trying to load new elements carefully, so "Lifeblood" did not bring some commercial success, it was a weird album, but again, we were just a little different.

How much do you need to write a song?
For lyrics we sometimes need a lot of time, while music goes very lightly. I'm not a good guitar player, just average, but combining music with words is sometimes very difficult. For the lyrics of "If You Tolerate This..." it took me about a week...

What was the idea of ​​processing the Rihanna song "Umbrella"?
That was for NME. It was my idea because sometimes it has to admit that pop music has some brilliant ideas...

Would you like to be cooperating with one of those genres?
With Damon Alburn (laughs)...I know he is not pop (laughs)...

Which is your best band of all time?
I am the best The Who, are brutal, real maheri, four geniuses! Actually, three geniuses and Roger Daltrey (laughs)...