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"My Intelligence Is What Makes Me Sexy" - Melody Maker, 12th January 2000

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Title: "My Intelligence Is What Makes Me Sexy"
Publication: Melody Maker
Date: Wednesday 12th January 2000

MM120100-01.jpg MM120100-02.jpg

You've been voted Best Band Of '99. Well done. Has it been a significant year for the Manics?
"Thanks to all the Melody Maker readers who voted for us. You are beautiful and intelligent. It's been a very significant year in that we have rediscovered ourselves, the result of which is 'The Masses Against The Classes'. After 10 years, we are finally selling lots of records in Europe and are now playing sell-out shows."

You've been voted Best Live Act of '99. Do you think that you've improved live this year? What was your favourite Manics performance of '99?
"No, I don't think we've improved as a live act, we've always been brilliant! The best live moments for us include T In The Park, playing a massive ice hockey rink in Helsinki, and The Point in Dublin. And the best gig of '99 was Super Furries in Tenby."

You've been voted Man Of The Year. Have you felt like a good role model this year?
"I don't believe in role models. I just hope the band can continue to inspire our fans."

You've also been voted Fool Of The Year. Do you like annoying as many people as you inspire?
"I don't think I'm a fool, but I don't mind the fact that I annoy so many people. It's what I was born to do."

You've also been voted the Unsexiest Man of '99. How do you respond to that?
"A few months ago I was voted the Sexiest Man In Rock '99, Which is good going, but a win's a win I suppose, whatever the category happens to be. My intelligence is what makes me sexy."

Richey Edwards has been voted Most Sadly Missed again this year. Are you touched that his presence is still sa obviously missed?
"I'm very proud that Richey has had such an impact on people's lives - ours included. We all really miss him."