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"It Is A Great Thing To Taste The Feeling Of The Past" - BARKS, 31st October 2016

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Title: "It Is A Great Thing To Taste The Feeling Of The Past"
Publication: BARKS
Date: Monday 31st October 2016
Writer: Ako Suzuki

A special tour held in UK and Europe celebrating the 20th anniversary of Manic Street Preachers 4th album "Everything Must Go" will finally land in Japan in November. Nicky Wire (B) who is happy to think about going to Japan, a special one for "Everything Must Go", its tour, and songs for members and fans that will never fade even after 20 years, He talked about writing and feelings to Japan.

The 'Everything Must Go' 20th anniversary tour will land in Japan at last. How was the reaction at UK?
Nicky Wire: It is one of the best tours ever. Started in Europe, Estonia, around UK tours, holding UK tour ..., it gets better as you do. I also did a similar tour in "Holy Bible", but the scale was even smaller. This time it is big in scale and I am able to connect with many people through "Everything Must Go" and I am enjoying it a lot.

I think there are some songs that I have not played for a long time, did any of you think that it was hard for rehearsals and actual performances?
Nicky Wire: There were several songs. Especially "Interiors" is a delicate song, because I had not played 18 or 19 years, it was hard at first. I have to put out a loud voice and James is tattered every evening (laugh). "Further Away" also did not play for a very long time. It was good that I could rediscover these two. The audience will sing along and it is wonderful to be able to connect with them like this with old songs again.

'The second half set list (after playing "Everything Must Go" all the songs) seems to be slightly different every evening, how do you choose?
Nicky Wire: It's difficult because there are a lot of songs I want to play (laugh). I am changing it depending on that country. The popular works by country are different. For Japan, I practice some songs from 'Born To End' or 'Generation Terrorists'.

"Holy Bible" also had a 20th anniversary tour, but do you plan a memorial tour with all the albums? Or are "Holy Bible" and "Everything Must Go" special?
Nicky Wire: Yes, I think these two are special. But in the future, others may also do it. We wanted time to breathe a little by making two albums in a row as us "Rewind The Film" (2013) and "Futurology" (2014). So, I also thought it would be nice to look back on "Holy Bible" and "Everything Must Go" in time. I do not have any concrete plan right now ..., I have been thinking that I would like to do "Generation Terrorists" forever in Japan. So, perhaps it might do someday.

I was thinking that it was painful for the band when I was producing "Everything Must Go", and it was a milestone.
Nicky Wire: Creating an album itself was not too difficult. Before that. We were worried whether we should continue the band. Losing friends is a very painful event. At that time, I did not exist as a band, it was a state of friends who lost valuable friends. If "Design For Life" can not be done, I do not know if we were to keep going.

If you can return to that time machine with a time machine, why do you call out to yourself? What kind of advice would you like to give?
Nicky Wire: There are lots of stuff (haha). To be honest it might be more fun. Of course, I did not feel like that. I will leave myself in the flow, I feel a little more fun, but it may not be suitable when thinking about making a good album. I am not a human who can give us adequate advice (laugh).

What do you mean by "Everything Must Go" with three words?
Nicky Wire: Melancholic, Dynamic...and one more...Beautiful.

There is no doubt that 'Everything Must Go' is an outstanding album in the band's career, but is there any other works you feel the same way?
Nicky Wire: "Generation Terrorists" is definitely so. In the debut album, we sent us to the world. Besides, "Holy Bible" is set with "Everything Must Go", both of them are very important works. Then it is "Send Away The Tigers" and "Futurology". "Send Away The Tigers" is a straight rock album, but with power, it was able to connect with new fans, as well as old fans. 'Futurology' has good reviews and sales.

Have you experienced Writers' Block for 30 years?
Nicky Wire: Was not there such a thing? From the beginning of the band, I keep having something I want to express through music. However, I think that it is slowing down in the mid-40s. "Futurology" was released two years ago, and it takes at least one more year to complete the next album. I began to spend more time than I was young.

Imaginary stories and real experiences, which is more natural to lyrics?
Nicky Wire: Yes, that's difficult. To be honest, I am getting older and living a certain extent, yet I feel that it is not "real" that I am angry or shouting in the song. Therefore, I am trying to express such feelings more poeticly. Even though I talk about social problems, I want to talk more poetically rather than straight. I do not care as much as when I was 25, I did not care about anything and I was not responsible.

Who do you respect with songwriters?
Nicky Wire: There are a lot of things ..., Morrissey's lyrics have the greatest influence on my life. Also, John Rydon's view of things, Ian McCarock's vocal expression beauty. If it's not a musician, Philip Larkin, especially Silvia Plus, has been heavily influenced.

When I interviewed James (· Dean · Bradfield) about 5 years ago, he said "Singer is in a unique position, mostly singing songs written by someone else, so always I feel the responsibility to sing, to write songs after understanding properly. " When you write a lyric, I think there are specific ideas and images, but do you place an order on the music and singing made by James?
Nicky Wire: It's pretty rare. I think that it is about 1 or 2 times in the last twenty years. In "My Little Empire" I said that this is acoustic and soft like Nirvana's unplugged, but that's pretty rare. I am always satisfied. Sometimes it's as imagery and it's totally different from the one I imagined, but it's only when it was really good.

Have you experienced a crisis among the three people?
Nicky Wire: Well, maybe (laugh). I know James from the age of 5 and Seawn is similar and I do not know if I can call it a crisis, but I have conflicted with the direction of the band or such. But it was just as a band, it was worth it.

New album, how much more must I wait?
Nicky Wire: It's been quite a while (laugh). I just started writing songs, there is a studio moving and it takes quite a while (laugh). That's right...probably, one more and a half more. I am planning to do my best next year.

Recently, there are not too many musicians telling us that we will not make an album anymore...
Nicky Wire: Yes, I do not know how to do so. We are enjoying making things, I believe that albums are definitely for themselves and then for hard-core fans. While we're making exciting, it's fine. But it is certainly becoming increasingly difficult as the songs are easily available on the net. The young generation, especially the young child of UK does not want to buy an album. I definitely do not want to be a band to debut this era.

I am the same age as you, but this year it is different from the view and attitude of young people. Which are you getting, "angry-like stubborn father" and "rounded calm uncle"?
Nicky Wire: Wahaha, that's right (laugh) ..., I guess it's a little bit disappointing. There was less thing to do than last time. It may be that the rotation of the head got dull, but (laugh). It's a pity but in a nice way it's not tough. I am tired (laugh).

So, what makes you happy right now, on the contrary?
Nicky Wire: At this time the color of the leaves changes, the scenery where I live is very beautiful, I get inspiration for that. Besides, going to Japan, this makes me happy (laugh). It's a wonderful place and always inspires me. What is angry is that the digital is too permeating to our lives. It is frightening for digital companies to sometimes have more influence than the government.

Do you have anything you would like to do in Japan this time?
Nicky Wire: I want to walk about Tokyo. With a Polaroid camera alone, walk for hours, get lost, get a picture and eat (laugh). I really like to have such time in Japan.

Do you like having a sense that the band is successful and family members still have "getting astray, getting at a loss"?
Nicky Wire: Oh, I think it's a very good thing to make a song. When I go to Japan, I will have a jet lag, often go for a walk alone at 6 o'clock or 7 o'clock in the morning. It is common in the early morning that good lyrics float. The feeling that you can be a Gentleman is that you can taste it anywhere. Japan is definitely a place to feel that way. I roamed around the snow in Hokkaido and ate a big potato selling at the roadside (laugh). Such experiences, it can not be done anywhere. Taste the feeling of the Gentiles, that is a very good thing for making songs.

Have you accomplished various things, do you feel that you still left behind?
Nicky Wire: Yes, I want to make another song, another song. It may be a chorus ... songs that have a sense of unity. I feel like I'll be there soon.