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"It's Only Rock 'N' Roll" - Wirtualna Polska, September 2010

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Title: "It's Only Rock 'N' Roll"
Publication: Wirtualna Polska
Date: September 2010

Their history is full of alternating tragedy and euphoria hits and pits, politics and love. Next year will mark 25 years of their activity, and any day daylight will see their 10th album "Postcards From A Young Man" to be "the last great leap to mass communication." WP talking to Nicky Wire bassist of the Manic Street Preachers.

Last year, I spoke with James (Dean Bradfield, lead singer) During Szczecin Rock Festival, and said, among other things, that after a little depressing "Journal For Plague Lovers', the next album will have to be" some kind of explosion of joy. " And here it is!
Nicky Wire: Exactly.

We also spoke then of such a formula, according to which albums Manic Street Preachers once they are somewhat smutnawe, and other times more oriented radio stations. Still you use it?
Nicky Wire: I think so. 'Journal For Plague Lovers "for us was quite indulgent in such a delightful way. You know, the use of texts Richey'ego was quite a big privilege. We realized then that the "Holy Bible" was "Everything Must Go", which is probably our most joyful album. We thought that if the music industry is dying, and everyone around say that rock'n'roll is dead, we will do the last big jump on the radio and mass communication. It is not known how long all this will continue. Thus, a pattern actually gives you a sense on this issue.

If we mention the "Journal For Plague Lovers', reportedly with the whole team are you most at the beginning of sprzeciwiałeś recording this album. How much truth?
Nicky Wire: I do not know whether the "opposition" is not too strong a word. I was a little scared, because it was too large pressure. We knew that the texts that left Richey are great, but the question remained whether we will be able to combine them with music. I did not want it to after a great return, what was the album "Send Away The Tigers' next album was a complete flop. But as soon as James began to write music, I knew that everything would be fine. At some point, even I added some of his own tunes.

As you said, the album "Postcards From A Young Man" you called "the last great leap to mass communication."Why the last?
Nicky Wire: You know, most of the teams of my generation have either reformed or disbanded, or cut off coupons giving another compilation of greatest hits, or live albums. Oasis were from the era probably the last. We came to the conclusion that apart from a few of us already. You know, we released 10 albums in the same studio with the same composition. We decided to take advantage of all we have to make this album so comforting and commercial as possible. It is true that, in the works of Manic Street Preachers will always be a certain amount of sadness, melancholy, or politics. I'm not saying that this is our last album, but probably the last, where we try to feel like in the 90's.

It's been about 25 years since you started playing together. You feel even a little burned out, but if it is still in the band hot.
Nicky Wire: I think we felt burned out after "This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours" and a concert at the Millenium Stadium for 25,000 people. This was followed by the albums "Know Your Enemy" and "Lifeblood", which personally appreciate very much, but I have not found a good contact with people. But since the "Send Away The Tigers" we are completely re full of energy. In three years we recorded 3 albums. The history of our team is complicated. There is both a tragedy and joy, ups and downs. But if you strip it with a variety of events, it will be really great songs.

How much cover for "Postcards From A Young Man" was inspired by the New Order album 'Get Ready'?
Nicky Wire: As soon as I saw this picture of Tim Roth showed it to James. Tim was our hero growing up years. But then we had the impression that it reminds us something. It was only then we realized. Indeed, there are similarities as well as differences. First of all, on the cover of New Order we have a digital camera, while on our cover Tim Roth holds a Polaroid.But all this was just a funny coincidence. Although personally we are all fans of this team.

The album does not lack visitors. How did the collaboration with Duff, Ian, and John?
Nicky Wire: This album is quite nostalgic. I will not pretend that this is the most innovative thing in the world, because it's not true. Here's more of the same songs. Probably because we came back to the people of our musical youth. Ian McCulloch gigs with the band Echo And The Bunnymen were among the first at which all went. John Cale, Welsh music icon, was a member of The Velvet Underground, one of the most important bands in history. A Duff McKagen of Guns N 'Roses were a huge inspiration for us when we started just as a team. Such PERSONAL our music heroes.

You're the one...I wonder how good grasp so you do not offend. You are the "strange" in the Manic Street Preachers . (At this point a very loud laugh Nicky). Is your character sometimes cause tensions within the team?
Nicky Wire: There is something in me that. I wish I could control it, and I think with the years I'm doing better and better.Always something pushes me to do, to show the other side of all things. It always gave me pleasure when someone made fun of me because it was for me in a sense, inspiring. I derive a certain pleasure from such a "battlefield communications."But you know, it's only rock'n'roll. I always liked to argue. Although never I do not mean any hatred or negative emotions. I just think that the possibility of not agreeing with someone is the gift of democracy and freedom.

Besides, I have a feeling that in your team there is a certain balance. You always jawiłeś me as the most controversial Sean as the quietest and James balancing somewhere in the middle.
Nicky Wire: Indeed. Sean is a type of silent drummer who simply tries to embrace everything. James, in turn, is the type of Bruce Springsteen. You know, the working class and the like. While Richey and I were in a band not only musicians, but also provocative songwriters. I think that these differences make the team just more interesting.

Going back to the beginning of our conversation, for which albums Manic Street Preachers personally more obsessed? These joyful, like the present, or "Send Away The Tigers", or the more depressing and complicated.
Nicky Wire: With age, I think it is changing. Probably 10 years ago I would say that the latter. But today more joy makes me just these optimistic. But this is simply a consequence of growing up, having children. It's just you do not want to see "the dark side" as often as I used to. Obviously still I love "The Holy Bible" and "Journal For Plague Lovers', but do not reach for the not so often as the others. But in a funny way still really like the "Generation Terrorists" for having had such exorbitant ambitions. Then we tried to make something that was completely out of our reach.

Your recent performances in Poland show that a lot of people who like to see Manic Street Preachers live. What are your memories of visits to our country?
Nicky Wire: So far, very good. Very fond memories of Lodz (performance at the Eska Awards in 2008 - ed. Ed.). It turns out that we have with you some of the most loyal and hardcore fans in the world. But I think we need to finally play in Poland own concert. That's why we're working to make it through the upcoming tour. Although I love festivals, is the awareness that we all came just for you, is an entirely different experience. Maybe next year, we'll see.

Is the occasion of the 25 years you plan something special, or rather, you're not the type of guys?
Nicky Wire: I think a little bit afraid of anniversaries. Although we like to look back and recall the various events of the history of the band and a few times we want to play the whole "The Holy Bible", or "Everything Must Go", I think we are not yet ready for it. Probably would come a good time, but you still need to wait.