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"I Don't Care if Chemists Slaughter 10,000 Beagles" - Metal Hammer, June 1994

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Title: "I Don't Care if Chemists Slaughter 10,000 Beagles"
Publication: Metal Hammer
Date: June 1994

Richey blasts fans on eve of new Manics album.

In an amazing outburst, Manic Street Preachers guitarist Richey James has attacked the band's fans and their views concerning vivisection.

"I've never really understood our fans to be perfectly honest," claims James, "even the ones that have been seeing us at our earliest gigs. They've got very strange views. They go on about vivisection and fox hunting and I don't give a fuck about that! If chemists want to slaughter 10,000 beagles I don't care. I'm quite happy for every beagle in the land to be killed. Man is the dominant animal, we are part of nature just like everything else, and if it's for something as petty as eyeliner or hairspray then that sacrifice is worth it."

The outburst comes as the band prepare to release their third album, 'The Holy Bible', through Epic Records (the band's new label) at the beginning of September. It will be preceded by a single, 'Revol', on August 1.

The new album was produced by the band themselves, and will be mixed by Mark Freeguard. In keeping with the feel of singles 'Faster' and 'Revol', the album constitutes a more back to basics approach in place of the sugary feel of 'Gold Against The Soul'.

"After Christmas we went into this small rehearsal room in Cardiff, just like we used to," adds Richey. "We had no involvement with the management or record company, and we wrote the songs very quickly.

"I had loads of ideas for lyrics, and when we had 10 or 12 songs done we thought we'd record them. There was this little demo studio upstairs and we just went in there and knocked them out. Everyone seemed to like them and we just thought we'd get someone in to mix it and we'd have an album."

In keeping with the title, the album is chock-full of religious imagery.

"The title just seemed to complement the lyrics," states James. "I went to church for 13 years, I've read most holy books there are, but I don't find much in it apart from cruelty. That's the centre of human existence. It's not a religious album, but the imagery is very important to us."

The full track listing is: Yes/The Intense Humming Of Evil/Walking Abortions/She Is Suffering/4st 7lbs/Die In The Summertime/Ifwhiteamericawastotellthetruthonedayitsworldwouldfallapart/P.C.P/Revol/Faster/Archives Of Pain and This Is Yesterday.

The Manic Street Preachers will be appearing at this year's T In The Park festival in Strathclyde on July 30/31 and at the Reading Festival on August 27, prior to the release of 'The Holy Bible'.

Says Richey: "We're doing it the way we've always wanted. I think we're getting quite close to fulfilling our style."