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"I'm Glad I'm Not In An Institution" - Aftonbladet, 24th May 1996

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Title: "I'm Glad I'm Not In An Institution"
Publication: Aftonbladet
Date: Friday 24th May 1996
Writer: Ronny Olovsson

Nicky Wire of Manic Street Preachers talks about touring and the missing Richey James.

Manic Street Preachers survived the mysterious disappearance of Richey James. But there are a lot of questions. - I don't think we'll ever get over it, says Nicky Wire. The first of February 1995 was the day it happened. And it's still an unsolved mystery. Manic Street Preachers' guitarist Richey James disappeared. He didn't show up for the bands planned US-trip. He was nowhere to be found. Still to this day, he's missing. But Manic Street Preachers are back with the new album "Everything Must Go". As a trio. Nicky Wire tells us quietly about the way back:

"Sure it's affected us musically. But we haven't really thought about it, it's unintentionally."

How would you describe your new album?

"Everything Must Go" is a more uplifting album than the ones we've done before. And it's what we wanted to do. We didn't wanna make another depressive album. We couldn't cope with going through the same misery again. But it's still a pretty dark album.

Was it hard to start writing new songs, with Richey's disappearance in the back of your heads?

In the position we were in, it was pretty easy to write, a lot of emotions surfaced and we only needed to catch that.

Did you never consider splitting up the band, just quit?

James did it more than the rest of us. But when I sent him the lyrics for "A Design For Life" and he had written the music to it, I think we all felt that we should continue. The song turned out that good. But before that we considered quitting. Sure.

Now there's an upcoming tour, you're gonna play at the Lollipop Festival in Stockholm this summer. Will there be a replacement for Richey?

No, we'll never replace him, it just wouldn't feel right. We will just have to manage. We're using a keyboardist instead, who's "filling" the sound.

Does it feel good to be out on the road again?

I don't look forward to it... I don't like touring. I don't like travelling and I can't sleep at hotels. I hate flying, actually. I don't know why I do it really...

Sounds tough...

Yeah, I'm actually glad I'm still here, and not in some institution somewhere.