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"A Lot Of Bands Would Gladly Change Places With Us" - Petőfi, 12th September 2011

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Sometimes the moment is given the popzsurnaliszta life when your favorite band shoot interview that he followed the front row scream your way through the concert. After 2009, the Island to visitors Manic Street Preachers action fantastic as ever proved to you is only the icing on the cake, the MR2 Radio was the only media outlet with bassist-lyricist Nicky Wire and singer-guitarist-composer James Dean Bradfield joint statement.

MR2: In October, a new compilation album appears in your address National Treasures. Why did you give up now best-OFOTEN and whose idea was the title? NW: My idea was to address, as usual. And so now, because it's the right time, we are known for twenty years, the Postcards From A Young Man was the tenth album, so it was time to summarize. The preceding our selection of Forever Delayed, which was released almost ten years ago, it is not adequately represented in the Manics Street Preachers whole story, so this is a good opportunity to appear and reflect. We worked pretty hard in the last three years, so now I really deserve such an album. (smile)

I know that it will be included in a new well, you would say something about this? NW: Your choice, so tell you. James Dean Bradfield: That song is actually a process, Matt Johnson, that is, from the band The The names, number of konrétan This Is The Day is on. The text is interesting, that is both celebratory and pessimistic, which for us is our specialty. (Laughs) We always try to celebrate something, but there is always a dark cloud hovering too, and this song also has it. It is definitely a positive atmosphere numbers, and has been since the mid-eighties'm nuts about him. Not included too many chords, so it was pretty easy to play. (Smiles) I'm great little song. Anyway, I do not remember anyone ever processed The The number, therefore, have succeeded in forcing out something original again. (Grins) NW: Many of our model is the eighties as the Waterboys from including Ian McCulloch or Mike Scott, but even I could mention Jim Kerr, whom we met in Rockfield studio. In the early Simple Minds was very big impact from James, as well as with The The, and now it seems that much of the kiélhettük imagination. (Laughs) it was always the plan to get a new number, the sorting process - not planned for their new song. The cal-Postcards we have reached a certain point where we feel that now we need a little more time before we start composing again.

The last record was for the elmondásotok you, according as the "last attempt at mass communication." You have reached your goals with it? NW: As far as possible with everything we have achieved what we wanted. Times are pretty hard lately, but I brought it for what it was, and wherever we toured everywhere the reception was great. The album sold well, received excellent reviews, was well received by the audience of the new songs at the concerts, so many bands will probably be happy to change places with us.

Nicky, it is true that when you were a teenager when betegeskedtél once received a postcard Morrisseytől? NW: Yes, and I still got it! I recently wanted to go to a concert in the Palladium, but it did not work. Besides, the page reads: "Get well soon, Nick! Love, Morrissey "My mom brought the sheets, I gyengélkedtem, and so I could not see him and watch the Smiths concert at St. David's Hall.

Tim Roth how a photo is on the cover of Postcards? Otherwise you received any feedback from him about this? NW: Sure, he can about it. Anyway it was important that we send him a plan covers, and asked whether there are any objections. The idea came from the fact that since the age of fifteen chopped out pictures from magazines. Once I found this photo of him somewhere, and I loved to just take a Polaroid machine in his hands. The album is such a little nostalgic themes, and if you think about it, he also belongs to the eighties role models in Hungary! (Laughs) Tim Roth then had a tremendous impact from James. JDB: I remember that time, the mid-eighties I read an interview with the NME was made, it was 85 or 86 in. And I really liked it when he said that what the Clash of music, he is the acting. If you look through a certain point in your career, you will find there full of politically and socially sensitive topics work. I think such films as King of the Ghetto, in the meantime, or the Made In Britain. Actually, I liked him because of his acting work in their offer compared to the Clash. Because of him I started acting I can learn about it changed your hairstyle. Sean (Moore, the Manics drummer anyway Bradfield's cousin - ed.) And I kept our real role model. Really old school in this image of him as he holds a Polaroid, and as you know, an extinct Polaroid technology, an old, bygone era witnessed. What we decided to commemorating him.

The album helped Duff McKagan. It may have been a little Guns N 'Roses jam in the studio? NW: Unfortunately not, but James was standing on stage with him and explained the It's So Easy. (Bradfield in London's Hammersmith Apollo McKagan's Loaded Duff guest in concert in October 2009 - Ed.) And what it was, it was aligned with the guitar? JDB: No, no! NW: It was not that you have been playing when I found out that falsely say? JDB: No, the thing turned out just in time. Unfortunately I missed the beállásról, so we had to tune the guitar at the concert. When I got there, so Duff greeted me: "Hey, Jimmy DB! How you doing, man ?! Tonight destroy the house! "He is the man it an old-fashioned Los Angeles rock star might completely. Although I'm sorry, he was originally in Seattle. Genuine, kind-hearted, old school rocker, very big heart. It was a bit like when I'm on stage with Nick because a good high bassist was again next to me on the stage, bouncing up and back like an animal. (Laughter) It was a familiar situation, I did not feel myself a stranger. Anyway, Duff is a true gentleman.

The last island before megemlékeztetek Ferenc Puskas. It is expected this evening is a tribute? NW: I can not even think about it. Today I went to a shop in the city, and saw an awesome T-shirt that depicted the Puskás. Unfortunately, it was closed because it was Sunday so. Always's something up our sleeves, so to be a surprise.

Shortly after the concert return ye Island a short tour up to the United States, where before it had not walked more than ten years. How successful were those actions? NW: Well, but not as good as the Sziget gig! (Laughs) It was a great feeling to play with you two years ago, we are all happy to remember it, and you see it was the first concert in Hungary. I hope today will be just as good. Of course, the US tour is well done, and the ten-year break was very long. A lot of our money were concerts there because it is not that we used on tour and unfortunately I do not think that soon we play that way again.

Quite strange things have happened in England recently, such as the News of the World scandal and riots in the streets. What do you think about these problems? NW: It's nothing more than an endless, depressed cavalcade. I can not really understand the things that I'm pretty out of it ábrándulva. Talking point at the wrong time! (Laughs) It's hard to come to terms with the events. JDB: As Nicky said, it is as if incomprehensible, dark'd be trapped in a vicious circle. Undoubtedly, it is quite distressing to see how the working class people set fire to shops. This is the point where common sense disappears, and no wonder that everyone is completely broken. You realize that the most important element of freedom is to feel safe. As for the News of the World scandal outbreak, it was only a matter of time, it has long been circulated. And as one of the singles is b-page title is: "Everybody knows, but nobody does anything." (Everyone Knows / Nobody Cares - Ed.) Everyone knew that take place in these things, but no one had the courage to confront them, and when I finally found out the disznóság, people seemed surprised. The interesting thing is that if the great British appearances behind nearby venues, you'll find pretty strange things.

James, it is true that Nicky wanted to take her to stand up to the Queena when looking for a new singer? (Bradfield's voice is often compared to Freddie Mercuryéhez - ed.) (Lots of laughter) JDB: Well, a semi yes, but in order to lose weight you should download and vests should wear. NW: It would have been better than Paul Rodgers. Of course there is nothing wrong with it, but then James is singing much better.

I think the Queena had at one time must have been Brian and Freddie. NW: Igeeeeen!!! JDB: (laughs) Brian probably easier to go, but Freddie had a much harder job. I daresay that most British rock singer of all time, he is to this day. Of course, Robert Plant is brilliant, and do not forget Lydonról John, who was the most original. unrivaled technical point of view and in terms of attitude Freddie. NW: We tried to get him to replace John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers in! JDB: In order to lose weight should not only down, but it should still going to the gym as well as the animal and socks should pull my tail. Of course! (Everyone laughs)