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Old 08-11-2011, 20:55
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Originally Posted by richeysite View Post
Yes, Geocities was closed last year, but the Internet Archive site made a special effort to archive all the GC sites before that. Here's the last saved version of the site mentioned:
Unfortunately, the mp3s don't work (obviously, not saved). But, you can at least read what they are.
Ah thanks! Not only is that site great, the web archive site also helped me uncover my own long lost geocities page, that I thought had vanished into thin air! Sadly it appears that only the front page was preserved but even that has evoked great pangs of nostalgia.

It's here for anyone half interested! - did have some lovely nicky pics on the photo page I recall - guess I'll just have to reupload em one day. And get our Channel 4 teletext review!! (Planet Sound RIP)

Sorry to hijack the thread. As you were.
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