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Old 15-05-2022, 16:00
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A hunt for the sources of sourceless quotes

I'm doing a long writeup/critique of Withdrawn Traces and I'm attempting to find sources for a few of the uncited quotes and things from it. I've done pretty much all the digging I can, and I can't find these specific quotes so I'm wondering if they ring a bell for anyone here, since they certainly don't for me.

One is cited as being from No Manifesto, but isn't. It's also not from Escape From History, Freed From Memories, THB20, EMG20, JFPL making of, 98 Closeup, or Shadows & Words, or in any of the print media that's on MSPpedia. Someone did point out to me that it sounds more like James than Nicky, though. The quote is thus:
"In the 2005 documentary No Manifesto, Nicky would comment: 'Some people like chaos in their lives, and we don't. When we had Richey, Richey was chaos. A more disciplined chaos than a lot of people, but still chaos. I mean it in intellectual, nasty, brutish, tender, loving, emotional extremes all in one day syndrome.'"

One, which SHR actually asked about on here in 2017 but got no reply, is something about Nicky saying "I just hope nobody has harmed him." re: Richey at some point in 1995. It doesn't sound like the PR they were doing at the time and there weren't any interviews from the band until they started on EMG that changed from the "We don't know where he is, we just hope he gives us a call" stuff, at least that I could find.

And lastly in the book they discuss a BBC Wales/Eye On Wales segment from 1997 with Tim Rogers as presenter where he talked about missing persons and the use of CCTV in finding them. Apparently Richey's case was given as an example/discussed by the presenter and a police detective on the show. The BBC online archives don't go back that far, but also there's no full date or title of the segment given (just 1997) so mostly this one's a shot in the dark question along the lines of "does anyone even remember this."

I appreciate any help! I've found quite a few interesting sources (or shall we say "sources") that SHR seems to have used for this book, and she only cites about a quarter of the sources she used, but these ones have escaped me.

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