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Old 22-07-2014, 05:54
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Originally Posted by WaffenS View Post
Lol..thank you for this link, Yuo've made my day, didn't know there was a video about it
You're welcome. Did you notice how much he emphasizes that they were playing in a very cold hangar-type venue that night? And that it was very cold? And like a hangar? Thus very cold? Oh, and have I mentioned that it was very cold?

Love this. Men worrying about "inadequacy", clutching at any straw trying to find excuses for it.

Originally Posted by WaffenS View Post
Who said that commies can't pose for Vanity Fair?
Hm... Maybe Fidel Castro? Bet he would have loved Nicky in that favourite white dress he bought there! Definitely not a fashion disaster but really quite beautiful. And I'm jealous of his nice legs.

Originally Posted by WaffenS View Post
Lol,You've got a crush on him, you have lacked a father figure... I'm jocking . Even if my grandpa and math teacher are single I don't thik they are as charming as James could be. You know, they do not write any kind of nice music. As a man I can say that in recent times James's looking well, I think so. I do not like beards on people who don't need it.
You're actually spot on with that father figure thing. And what do you mean, you don't like beards on people who don't need it? Who, according to you, does need it; what are the criteria? Personally, I'm convinced every man needs one.

Originally Posted by WaffenS View Post
He doesn't look like James just because of his East-Asian type eyes, i don't know. JDB's chameleon-like eyes have gradually changed over time. In the first Manics' pics James used to cross the eyes, after that he appeared blue-eyed. When I watched the video for Tolerate for the first time i got used to the idea that was his natural eyes colour (up to that time I've only seen the video for Motorcycle) .
Chameleon-like eyes? How very charming of you! I never noticed anything strange about his eyes, always seemed the same colour to me.
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