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Old 03-12-2021, 14:44
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1x Free Paper Ticket for Wembley Tonight

Hey guys,

Partner can't go due to back problems (christ we're all so old), and I'd love it if someone who couldn't afford a ticket/wasn't able to get organised to buy in time could enjoy the gig.

I'm perfectly happy going to a gig solo, so there is zero obligation or expectation to be my companion. Maybe buy me a pint when we get in the venue, we'll cheers and then you're free to go enjoy yourself.

Email me on, I'm unlikely to see replies here.

Important Points:
  • It's a paper ticket, so you'd need to take it from me at the venue
  • I'm gonna be there in good time for Manics, but no guarantees beyond that, so no turning up at 6:00 and tapping your foot impatiently
  • I have severe ADHD to please accept my apologies if I am later than I originally say. I always make sure I've got lots of wiggle room to compensate, but just wanna make sure no one feels disrespected.
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