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Originally Posted by Routine Builder View Post
(I like what Muse did on Hullabaloo, they put a hidden track at the start which you could only listen to by rewinding the first track. That's some first class fuckery.)
Originally Posted by tzb View Post
Yeah I like those rewind hidden tracks too! Mew did it on their second album, and it was called "Ending" which appeals to my sense of irony
I had ‘Songs in the Key of X: Music from and Inspired by the X-Files’ and because it was before I had internet access I owned it for I think probably half a decade before knowing about the extra track 0. The truth was out there!

Originally Posted by slop101 View Post
The Ultra Vivid Lament: [my copy of the album is stuck in shipping]
That’s got to be the best (worst) answer! I hope it comes unstuck ASAP!
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