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Old 14-03-2020, 21:12
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Ouch. Add in the exchange rate for overseas fans and falling exchange rates due to Covid-19 and that is one very expensive purchase.
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Old 15-03-2020, 13:52
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Originally Posted by View Post
Didn’t get the signed LP and it looks like it sold out. Damn.

As much as I wasn’t the book set I’ll be waiting for prices to drop.
Me too. Went to buy it today, signed copies are sold out so I'll wait for a cheaper copy from elsewhere. By way of comparison, I can still order a signed copy of the Paul Heaton/Jacqui Abbott album, which has been out a week and is currently at number 1...
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Old 15-03-2020, 14:06
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If they’d re-named it Platinum Against the Soul it could have kept costs down, but the price of Gold is much higher than Platinum compared to what it was in 1993, when it was worth roughly the same (maybe even a bit less at times) ... (and yes I checked just for this incredibly silly post )
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Old 17-03-2020, 14:10
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Japanese version with extra track (FDTW at the O2 National Treasures gig)
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Old 30-03-2020, 15:40
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£40.99 with free delivery at Zoom for the double CD book. Use voucher code SIGNUP10 to take 10% off (new customers only)

Brings the total price down to £36.89, cheapest I've found so far ��
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Wonder if they postpone the reissue, by the way. It'd make sense.
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Old 30-03-2020, 16:47
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Could see them doing Skype interviews on BBC News.
Album sales are down over 60% due to lockdown. Obvious really.
I don't think they can do anything but wait for more information and advice from the government.
Touring and shows look off this year. Be double gutting if reissue postponed.
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