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Old 22-12-2014, 13:49
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Originally Posted by PaulTMA View Post
I wasn't on this board when the Manics used a touring guitarist for the first time. Were people having kittens over them 'replacing Richey'?
I didn't speak to many other Manics fans when they used Guy Massey for the first time. I remember voicing my support for a backing guitarist at gigs but saying it wouldn't be right somebody officially joining the band, and I still think that.

I actually quite like Wayne on songs like You Love Us and Motorcycle Emptiness, those songs sound bolstered by the simple backing chords. It's the likes of No Surface or Sleepflower which sound messy with his playing, not to mention the backing vocals. He can clearly sing, but his voice clashes with James'.
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Old 22-12-2014, 14:23
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A lot of his backing vocals just aren't right, but I kinda blame James for not picking up on that, not Wayne who's basically just told what to do.
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