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View Poll Results: Fave Studio Album
Generation Terrorists 6 6.32%
Gold Against The Soul 3 3.16%
The Holy Bible 48 50.53%
Everything Must Go 11 11.58%
This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours 7 7.37%
Know Your Enemy 3 3.16%
Lifeblood 6 6.32%
Send Away The Tigers 2 2.11%
Journal For Plague Lovers 7 7.37%
Postcards From A Young Man 2 2.11%
Voters: 95. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 19-08-2010, 22:59
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THB has bang on half the votes at the mo, but it's not as good as the rest put together. We need a more proportional system of voting.
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Old 19-08-2010, 23:09
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Originally Posted by GeorgeDawes View Post
Um, don't mean to be a party pooper, but a) hasn't this been done a million times before and b) Postcards isn't even out yet so this might be a little premature for including that don't you think?
Yeah it has and you're right... should have waited a couple of months.
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Old 19-08-2010, 23:17
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The Holy Bible. Without a doubt. Perfect album! Everybody should hear it at least once in her/his life.
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Old 19-08-2010, 23:25
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1. This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours
2. The Holy Bible
3. Everything Must Go
4. Journal For Plague Lovers
5. Gold Against The Soul
6. Know Your Enemy
7. Generation Terrorists
8. Send Away The Tigers
9. Lifeblood

This Is My Truth was the first album that I bought and I first saw the Manics live in December 1998. This album has the best opening six tracks of any of their albums.

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Old 20-08-2010, 01:21
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GT because that was the band I fell in love with all those years ago.
Total do or die attitude.
THB a close second (Total die or die attitude).

The rest...I dunno...whatever...
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Old 20-08-2010, 09:40
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For me the two most interesting observances from this poll are: that EMG isn't challenging THB at all for top spot, as I think has been the case in the past; and also that SATT isn't being held up as a great album or the return to form that the Manics keep claiming it is, it's actually sandwiched between two better albums that more fans feel passionate about, even if the radio play went to SATT.
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Old 20-08-2010, 11:55
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I agree with the above. But i am really looking forward to the new album, always an exciting moment when you crack open one of those bad boys
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Old 20-08-2010, 11:56
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The Holy Bible.
Because it's the best album of the last 20 years.

1 THB 10/10
2 GT 9/10
3 EMG 9/10
4 JFPL 9/10
5 TIMTTMY 8/10
6 GATS 7/10
7 LB 5/10
8 SATT 5/10
9 KYE 5/10

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Old 20-08-2010, 13:51
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I maintain the results of a "second favourite album" poll would be interesting to see.
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Old 20-08-2010, 14:13
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Originally Posted by NasalScarecrow View Post
I maintain the results of a "second favourite album" poll would be interesting to see.
Go for it, squire.
Originally Posted by allisvanity View Post
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Manics fans, never fucking happy.
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Old 20-08-2010, 14:15
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GT - 6/10 I used to love this but its all bluster with a few notable exceptions (Motorcyle Emptiness for example)
GATS - 6/10 Its OK but nothing spectacular
THB - 9/10 almost perfect if only they had left of Revol
EMG - 8/10 A solid pop album
TIMTTMY - 7/10 Underrated as far as I'm concerned, though it does trail off towards the end.
KYE - 5/10 Some quality tracks but a bit poor overall.

The rest has fallen by the wayside for me, I do own Lifeblood but I don't think I've actually listened to it all the way through. I've nothing against the new stuff, its just my tastes are somewhat heavier these days.

"Rappers tell it like it is. Historians tell it like it was. Steampunks tell it how it wasn't."

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Old 20-08-2010, 21:19
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Finally decided on The Holy Bible, only because Everything Must Go just got the vote for my second favourite album - bloody hard for me to pick between those two.
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Old 20-08-2010, 22:43
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***** The Holy Bible
**** Journal For Plague Lovers > This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours > Everything Must Go
*** Lifeblood > Send Away The Tigers > Generation Terrorists
** Postcards From A Young Man (guessing obviously) > Know Your Enemy
* Gold Against The Soul

i wonder how many fans wouldn't be fans at all if it weren't for The Holy Bible? i don't suppose i'd have got into them without it either.
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Old 20-08-2010, 23:14
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Generation Terrorists, the original and still the best!
So our defeats are just reminders.
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Old 21-08-2010, 00:19
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TheHolyBible for the anger, the articulation and the dislocation. The broad political ideas and history notes of Richey's all brought under control by the music and James. The contradictions, from the concern that the history of the holocaust is being rewritten; that truth can be distorted and treated as though fiction and the deaths of millions suddenly up for debate to a truth that is so logical, so clear that it approves of the death penalty as just punishment, the only punishment for killers. The left wing going so far left it meets right. The personal that even though it follows anorexia, self harm, feelings personal to Richey are removed from him and so 4st 7lbs for eg belongs to the girl not the author, and truth here through a narrow lens, a self absorption that's so total it disappears like the girl herself. An album that decided me about some things, An album that's the further contradiction of being a favourite and yet i can rarely bring myself to listen.

Generation Terrorists and Gold against the soul next and the rest I'd pull a compilation from rather than try and call it. Maybe Lifeblood next.....and Journal for This Joke sport severed, Marlon JD.......but overall it's disparate, it's a mind unravelled, lacks the clarity of the Holy Bible
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