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Old 03-10-2013, 14:33
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Originally Posted by NasalScarecrow View Post
On reflection, this was probably my favourite gig of the tour. If only every Friday night could be like that.

All my pics are on FB, so I'll only post a few of them

Rough Trade, London - 16/11/2011
O2 Arena, London - 2011
X-Tra Club, Zurich - 2012
Rough Trade, London - 2012
Rewind The Film Tour Bristol/London/Manchester/Glasgow - 2013
BBC 6 Music - Maida Vale Studios - 2013
Futurology Tour 2014 - Leeds/Cardiff/Leicester/Manchester/Brighton/Brixton x2/Bruxelles/Luxembourg
Rough Trade - 2014
London Acoustic Guitar Show Olympia, London - 2014
BBC Mastertapes, The Holy Bible special - Maida Vale Studios - 2014
The Holy Bible Tour 2014 - Glasgow/Manchester x2/London x2
The Holy Bible Tour 2015 - Southampton/Cardiff/On Blackheath
EMG20 2016 - Bruxelles/Liverpool/Birmingham/London x2/Glasgow/Swansea/Portsmouth

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Old 06-10-2013, 17:23
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Watching all the videos again on Youtube has brought it all back. So many highlights, but particularly enjoying the Nicky Wire solo section, and the ADFL 2nd verse singalong. Hairs on my neck were standing during that.
Maine Road, Manchester 1996
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King Georges Hall, Blackburn 2010
Sziget Festival, Hungary 2011
The Arena, London, 2011
The Ritz, Manchester 2013
Leeds Arena, 2014
Albert Hall, Manchester 2014
Leeds Arena 2016
Bingley Music Live 2017
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