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Old 27-11-2021, 08:41
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Originally Posted by Suicide Aldi View Post
No idea whats happening. Seemed like a good idea, then somthing seemed to go down about not doing instrumentals and that was that. Shame.
Shame as I was watching this thread with eager anticipation (sadly don’t have the skills to be able to contribute myself).
As for the instrumental issue - the David Holmes Remix of TIMTTMY is a beautiful piece of music and also has no vocal (in fact I’m hoping to have it playing at my wedding next year while people arrive). I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Judge the song on its merits not on technicalities. Balance is obviously key here - an album full of instrumentals probably wouldn’t be right, but one or two, if done well could be great.
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Old 27-11-2021, 14:18
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Originally Posted by Red View Post
I'm late in writing this, I know, but I absolutely love this. It just encapsulates everything I wanted to hear from this project - it's a piece of work that can only come from passion for music and for the Manics, and which follows and draws from the Manics, but which creates something new from something relatively old and obscure. I'm not actually a fan of the original song, but it does have some really good elements, so I really like that this takes those key elements and themes, strips away the stuff which isn't so good, and recreates it as a composition which easily stands up alongside the likes of The Vorticists and You Know It's Going To Hurt.
Wow, thank you Red, I am really pleased you appreciated it.

As for all the other stuff… I am sorry for my part if my misunderstanding and the fallout from it made anyone feel they wasted their time on this project. I was never the one making decisions about the project, but I thought I was the one making decisions about my contribution to it, and there’s the conflict I guess!

I have always had a lot of time for Mr. Richey and tzb on here, I don’t think my commenting much more would be productive at this point (he says, commenting! I mean more than this post) because it feels like I have annoyed them, which was of course never my intention or desire. I just stand by my previous statements and hope the guys can see it for what it was - a genuine creative difference of opinion - and come back and finish what they started.
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Old 27-11-2021, 14:48
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I dont feel iv wasted my time on it at all. I had fun making mine. I dont hold anything against the organisers either, it was a great idea, but organising this stuff can be a pain in the arse so I get why they perhaps decided to back away from the project.

As regards the no instrumentals rule, I get it up to a point
I think if you significantly re interprit the song (as Proco did) to the point where it dosnt matter then its fine. But who wants to be the person to decide if its a significant enough change or not? I certainly wouldnt want to have to do that.
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Old 27-11-2021, 17:06
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I’m just going to cut in here - I’ll try my best not to sound like a “pretentious cunt” Lee - to clarify a couple of things that I’m still baffled that I actually need to clarify:

1. Stu and I had an idea for what this project would be. It quickly became apparent that the other contributors preferred the project be something else. In light of that, we graciously conceded and handed control of the project over to the rest of the contributors.

2. Neither myself or Stu were angry, upset or irritated by any of this when it happened. We were happy to let the rest of you take the project in a new direction that better fitted what the majority wanted. Majority rules etc. It’s only recently that we’ve become annoyed and irritated by the abusive language and people accusing us of gaslighting.

3. People asking “What’s happening with the project?” and acting like it’s all over is indicative of one thing and one thing only - if Stu and I aren’t running it, nobody else wants to take the responsibility. Everyone is happy to complain about us after we’ve turned over control, but nobody actually wants to take up the mantle it seems.

It’s your project now guys. Go back and read my last post in this thread. There’s no drama other than the drama you’ve decided to create. We even said we were still more than happy to contribute our cover songs but that would be all. No toys were thrown out of anyone’s minges (thanks again Lee for the colourful but weird imagery) and nobody was angry with anyone. But rather than take responsibility, people have instead just complained and moaned and acted like they’ve been treated badly by us. So yeah, we’re out now, not interested, because of the false drama that’s been conjured up. But even now, nothing is stopping the rest of you from taking this project forward.

Originally Posted by Lee View Post
There’s loads of good, talented, people on this forum who could’ve ran it without pissing their pants like these two attention seeking cunts
We agree Lee - there’s plenty of people who could, which is why we turned over control. But clearly none of them actually want to. And that’s their issue, not ours.
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Old 28-11-2021, 18:54
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Jesus, this has all escalated somewhat.

Being a pretentious cunt myself if I may; I’d say that if any musician/artist’s forte is to reinterpret a track/song in instrumental form, then that’s no less valid than some blagger like me taking a JDB vocal and falling embarrassingly short of acceptable appropriation.

However, if the submission policy is ‘no instrumentals’, then simply don’t offer up a contribution. Do the track for your own enjoyment; at the end of the day nobody actually cares if you/I do the thing or not. But the drama attached to it all is a bit bloody ridiculous.

I have been working on a track myself (not that anyone cares, see previous paragraph) but progress has been somewhat stunted due to my time being sucked into a vacuum of (over)work & parenthood. I’ll still finish it (one day) even if this compilation doesn’t happen, just for my own shits’n’giggles.

But I think this compilation is a nice idea and it’d be a shame to see it shelved on account of some (let’s face it, pretty minor) disagreements on content criteria.
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