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Old 30-08-2015, 17:54
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An English Gentleman vinyl

Was looking through my collection and remembered that one of the vinyls for this single was meant to be pressed red, as says the sticker on the cover, but initial pressings were black by mistake. I was wondering, most fans probably ordered the single when it came out so the 'rare' black version is probably easier and more common to get than the actual red version. Which versions of this does everyone else have out of curiosity?
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Old 30-08-2015, 20:13
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i ordered from the official store so I got the black vinyl, the mispressed red/black, replacement genuine red vinyl and a signed printed. I'm not sure if it was only the website orders that were affected. Since they had replacements ready to go out with the orders I think they had pretty much sorted it out so the shop bought ones weren't affected.

Not long after it came out I found a new signed copy of the black edition in an independant record store that only sold new stock. I'm not sure now common that was. I certainly don't remember recieving any e-mail saying that signed editions were being sent to stores.
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