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Old 12-12-2014, 04:45
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An unreachable dream

This is my first post on this lovely forum. I had been saving it up for something meaningful and special, but in my 4 months as a member, I hadn´t been able to come up with anything that would be worth reading. Now, just let me clarify, this probably won´t mean a thing to anyone, especially not to people living in the UK, but I still feel the need to write this.

My name´s Carlos. I´m an 18 year old Manics-obsessed from Mexico City. As you may have inferred from the title, it is impossible to even think of the Manics playing my city (or my country, for that matter) so to me, seeing them, being close to them is nothing but an unreachable dream. Now, why would this be relevant or why would it bear any more significance now than it could have done 4 months ago? Simple. The Manics are celebrating 20 years of THB, an album that was released two years before I was born, yet it became one of my favourite albums of all time. To celebrate this event, they are touring the UK. My birthday´s on the 4th of June. They play Cardiff Castle on the 5th. This is where the post acquires meaning. I´m doing something completely normal for a fan, for someone who idolizes people that he could never reach. I´m writing this post, to help me find people who can help me make my dream come true. I want to go to this gig, with everything that I am, and I want to find a way to make it happen. I have the money for the ticket, but I don´t have any way to buy it. What would I need to do, to get someone to buy me my ticket? I would of course pay them right away, via whichever mean was necessary.

People who live in countries like mine can surely understand what I´m feeling. The band that has shaped me into the person I am is unreachable. UK fans may never truly understand what it feels like. They take them for granted, because they have them for themselves all the time. Even some europeans may share my feeling of sadness and desperation, this is why I come here to ask for help. Don´t deny me my biggest dream, please.

I hope someone who´s willing to help contacts me at some point...sorry for the long rant/whine/whatever this was.
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Old 12-12-2014, 07:35
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Hola, yo estoy seguro que el próximo año vienen a EUA, ¿no saldría más barato viajar allá que a Inglaterra? ¿o es por el lugar (castillo)?
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Old 13-12-2014, 05:19
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You should be able to purchase your tickets online and just have them placed on will call, though it's possible you may not be able to use certain credit cards. I realize the date it passed now, but just an idea for the future should you ever try something similar again. It worked for me when I traveled over for the JFPL shows in 2009

5/28/2009- Camden Roundhouse, London, UK
5/29/2009- Camden Roundhouse, London, UK
10/1/2009- The Metro, Chicago, IL, USA
10/2/2009- Majestic Theatre, Detroit, MI, USA
10/4/2009- Pheonix Concert Theatre, Toronto, ON, CAN
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