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Old 02-04-2014, 18:33
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Originally Posted by Abstract Unknown Girl View Post

Thank you for these
"Morrissey and Marr gave me a choice"
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Old 02-04-2014, 18:48
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Originally Posted by Barni View Post
I don't know what was going on with the crowd.

I was about four rows back directly in line with Nicky and everyone around me was stood still with their arms folded. I was the only one making an effort.

Those around me didn't seem to recognise any of the songs or appear to even like the band. Very weird.

I've lost my voice trying to make up for the lack of effort from everyone else.

The sound where I was seemed fine. Perhaps the speaker on the other side was malfunctioning.

I really like the new songs. Much better than Rewind The Film.

Leicester has been a bit weird for gigs recently. There was a period of time when barely anyone came to Leicester and I think some people may have forgotten what to do at a gig.

I was at a festival based at De Montfort Hall in the summer and the headline act who were having their homecoming gig received an attendance of about 50 people, whilst one of the earlier acts (who were rubbish by the way and not a well know group either) packed the place out with a similar atmosphere to an Oasis gig in Manchester.
I lived in Leicester for a few years in the early to mid 90's and attended several gigs, including the manics 4 times and the atmosphere was always lively, not sure what's happened.
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