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Old 22-12-2021, 22:28
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I Live Through These Moments Again and Again: The Duets

It deserves its own thread. Maybe all the Spotify playlists should have a thread of their own. Not just a comment in Album 14. (Do a playlist of songs directly inspired by painters and artists! Please!!!)

Has anyone been listening to it? I'm so so happy Between The Clock And The Bed (another one for the artists!) has given its name. It really is my favourite duet. Ending up there with NSAF to be honest.
So good... I even would have bought it as an album. If TUVL hadn't happened this year. I'd feel a bit put out no new stuff, but I think this compilation (And entirely different to FD and NT apart from a few songs) would have been a first day sale if was all they'd produced this year.
No idea what the next playlist will be. But here's a thread to go "UGH! They really are the greatest of all time" as it plays.
Christmas Eve playlist?
Well The Ultra Vivid Lament is best
Meanwhile... My best video 420 Seconds of Poetry
HITS!! Actually Published Poetry Year 2021

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