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Old 30-05-2019, 22:00
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Advice from the collectors wanted

Hi guys, if the mods feel that this is more appropriate to be merged with another thread, please do so.

I'm trying to locate one 12'' promo from TIMT era.

there were 3 or 4 remix promos around that time released. I have two: YSTS (david holmes, cat no XPR3307) and Tsunami (cornelius&stereolab cat no XPR3320).

here is what i'm talking about


I'm sure there is at least one more issue in this series, I'm pretty certain it's Tolerate (d. holmes). I can't find it anywhere on ebay.

Can anyone let me know which version it was and where can I get it from? Thanks

PS. Does anyone also miss the most amazing website

OK can the mods close/delete the thread, I've found both The Everlasting and Tolerate on discogs xx
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