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Old 03-10-2019, 02:09
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Wow... I mean... that just looks terrible without even watching it.

As for the book (to answer Lee, above), it's interesting enough. There's a lot of "but what if this happened instead?" kind of writing throughout without any backing up, but as an insight into Richey's early life, mostly from his sister and friends, it's pretty interesting. Think of it as - 1st half = early years of Richey biography, 2nd half = disappearance and a lot of theorising without a lot of evidence.

It's not complimentary to the band, and there are some cringey moments where you think "ouch, that's a bit harsh," so there seems to be some undercurrent of dislike and distaste.

It's worth a read. And if you need to clear your conscience about paying for it, think of it as helping raise awareness about a missing person - and therefore raising awareness of other missing people.
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