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Originally Posted by raven View Post

Nicky's mentioned the likely link with 'The Entertainer' hasn't he? A film Richey loved and when you read the full piece it certainly reads like a tale from an old music hall hasbeen along with a few music hall lines.....Wish me luck as you wave me goodbyyyye', Goodnight sweetheart.... Hell, maybe Richey would be seeing some fine old justice in Resistance is Futile held off the top spot by The Greatest Showman, ha
Still, could be read as analogy. A farewell of a kind. He left it with them I reckon Nicky has earned license to draw out a song as a tribute/a goodbye from a friend...let him take what he will. I personally feel like it comes over as a suicide note in the rewriting but appreciate that's refuted.
I can see it may cause upset but as has been noted the band did produce the piece in it's entirety so the song is Nicky's version of a piece left to him and not an attempt to misrepresent Richey's work....not that I'm saying that be what you're saying but maybe what his sister feels...
That's fair enough. It's the only lyric on the album that feels coloured by Richey's disappearance. I don't believe Nicky wanted to misrepresent Richey's words here, but perhaps (understandably) emotion seeped into the writing. I think anyone who has lost someone to suicide would understand searching through their words for hidden meanings and subtext. Obviously the original text practically invites one to make these links to what came after. Especially when Richey left nothing behind for the band or his family. I honestly can't imagine how much pain that facet has caused.

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