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Old 02-07-2014, 20:04
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Originally Posted by Marconi Delorian View Post
Calling Dancing Kirby - we have found your ideal match.
You rotten jerk!!

I wasn't part of the gang whining about them playing a 20-year-old song a bit slower than the studio version. As always, I focused on the positive.

Originally Posted by Dancing Kirby View Post
I liked the intro...
Best. Fan. Ever.

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Old 02-07-2014, 21:13
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Originally Posted by andy View Post
every manics gig needs 3 things IMO:

ADFL, ME and MJ (tolerate I wouldn't mind if they dropped, not really a massive fan of the song apart from the end of the middle 8-ish section ("and on the street tonight...") which is hair raising.
I'm willing to bet that Tolerate resonates a hell of a lot more with a curious gig-goer than Motown Junk (who) or Motorcycle Emptiness (ah yeah, that one) does
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Old 03-07-2014, 14:19
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Originally Posted by TheSilentMan View Post
So, fans can't criticize things that those they are fans of do, in your opinion?

Just because you are a fan of an artists work doesn't mean you can't point out flaws, or dislike it.

There are a lot of musicians/writers/film-makers etc who I'm a big fan of but have a critical opinion on aspects of their work that I think are shit/weak; it doesn't make me a bad fan, it just means I'm still entitled to an opinion.

Dude's in his mid-40s and has always been a heavy smoker - his voice was bound to degrade at some point, and voila, it is doing. Not his fault (well, the smoking is), just what it is.

ffs, I forgot about this guy
"I'm listening to Neil Young, I gotta turn up the sound
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Drifting from scene the scene
I'm wondering what in the devil could it all possibly mean?"
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Old 03-07-2014, 14:51
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Originally Posted by 1986_and_all_that View Post
ffs, I forgot about this guy
... and I never knew who you were to begin with. I'm probably glad that I don't know anything more about you, as for someone to jump to a personal attack on someone for simply expressing an opinion on an internet message board is likely indicative of more malicious personality traits. Wow.

"Here is my opinion on a thing being discussed"
"I hate you. Go away. I wanted to forget you even existed in the world"

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Old 04-07-2014, 08:25
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OK.............lettuce be cereal here - The emperor has no clothes [i.e the manics were complete sh1te as glasto last wknd]

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Old 04-07-2014, 16:50
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This is now a silly thread
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