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Old 29-05-2017, 19:06
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Originally Posted by MSPKYE View Post
Manic In The Streets - Hot Press 27th April 2017
Returning to the new record: how, given the times we live in, do you avoid going into the studio with twelve songs all titled 'Donald Trump Is A Cunt'?

"Very easily," Nicky insists. “There's a Million people doing that already.
I like to think things through a little more deeply. There are plenty more angles at the moment, although I have to say I feel out of touch with humanity to the point of misanthropy. I probably need to rein myself in a bit. Most of my time recently has been spent cleaning and doing the school runs. We live in a post-political world. Politics has collapsed and I feel I don't have the authority to speak on it anymore. It was one of my greatest loves - I did a degree in politics, but it’s got so alienating. It’s the abdication of a centre-left party in Britain that's so disgusting because it allows the extreme right to foment. The thought of the working class vote going to UKIP makes me feel ill.”

bolded part - true that. they're all getting retarded with same old shit.

italic - Nicky's slowly getting red pilled. That's why he doesn't wanna talk. As a self-proclaimed socialist - technically now's the time to speak. Yet he says nothing - he's scared, bc he's getting red-pilled. Mark my words, you heard it here first.

PS: I'm high now but I'm quite sure that he's changing a lot when it comes to politics.
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