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Old 03-05-2018, 15:49
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High quality scans of artwork?

Just wondered if anyone ever compiled a resource of such a thing? It's been over 10 years since I attempted to get everything MSP nicely organised in iTunes but it's one hell of a Herculean task with the amount of non-album material they've released.

I was once a big fan of the website, which serves to offer high quality scans where the uploader is encouraged to try and get the colour balance etc. as accurate as possible. Unfortunately, MSP are not too sell-represented on there, plus there a few errors (TIMT uploaded as KYE, etc). I've still got loads of gaps in my digital artwork collection, for example, I can't find a decent cover image for God Save The Manics (i.e. 600 dpi or more, proper balance etc) anywhere.

I've found the Tidal website is a decent resource for some more recent singles (click on each cover to reveal a large HQ scan of each -, though hardly very comprehensive in the scheme of things. Has anyone ever managed to amass such a collection HQ covers in the past they could point anyone else towards?

I've had a look at those offered on, but very often they are badly-scanned, low-res and dog-eared copies to begin with. Looking for nice clean, accurate, hi-res scans if possible, should they already exist somewhere in the world.
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