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Old 14-04-2022, 13:50
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I still think this should be the definitive version of International Blue. Love that garage rock feel.
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Old 14-04-2022, 16:58
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Originally Posted by UEF View Post
I still think this should be the definitive version of International Blue. Love that garage rock feel.
Can't disagree with that. Can't help but feel the band sound a lot better on many songs just as a three piece.
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Old 16-04-2022, 08:05
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Originally Posted by LA ex View Post
Happy Fourth Birthday! Put it on for a listen this afternoon for the first time in a while... still holds together as a solid collection of songs, but maybe lacks a certain defining character compared to other Manics albums.

I wonder if any of it will pop up in live sets again...
I want to be wrong, but I think it will get the same treatment as the few albums before it. That is, probably not.

We got International Blue on the TUVL tour, when the next album & tour rolls around, we won't even get that.
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Old 16-04-2022, 17:16
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RIF had heavy rotation here for ages after it came out; revisiting the past week after a few months and I still love the album. It is infused with so much wonderful melody, in parts the poppiest they've been but that melody tied to memorable songs. International Blue/Distant Colours/Hold Me Like a Heaven can be quite euphoric. Nickys The Left Behind is also one of the records highest points.

My favourite Manics is loud, raucous Manics but over the years albums like Lifeblood, Postcards and RIF have proven timeless in their own way. Postcards was like Tigers done right, RIF exceeds both in terms of the melodic, stadium filling widescreen melancholia.

RIFs bonus tracks are magic, particularly Soundtrack to Complete Withdrawal.
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Old 17-04-2022, 18:41
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I was uncertain at first but the album really grew on me and I love it these days. The first half - 'Vivian' aside - is them at their poppy best, and the second half is still a subtly odd collection of songs and production choices. Took a year or so to sink in so I'm hoping TUVL does the same, but if there's a comparison to be made, I'd take RIF of the two any day.
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