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Old 19-01-2011, 15:11
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Top 12

1. Prologue to History
2. Anorexic Rodin
3. Locust Valley
4. Donkeys
5. Red Rubber
6. Hibernation
7. Broken Up Again
8. Little Girl Lost
9. Fearless Punk Balled
10. The Vorticists
11. You Know It's Going To Hurt
12. Fear Of Motion
On a cold mids morning the sun shone bright
Upon a beautiful smiling five pound note
Gazing at me, from the pavement
Wet with love, it wasn't there
I was dreaming, you always are

I see the coins that were your eyes
My eyes shining like sapphires
I can't think, and I can't paint, I can't love!
And no one will, for money makes us up

Death to monetaries!
Death to monetaries!

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Old 22-01-2011, 12:50
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4 Ever Delayed
Automatik Teknicolour / Anorexic Rodin
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Originally Posted by Hedonic View Post
MSP tunes are like sex & pizza, even when they're shite they're still pretty good etc
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Old 24-01-2011, 21:17
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I got a lot of favorite B-sides, I wish some of them would be played more live.

4 Ever Delayed
It's All Gone
Too Cold Here
Democracy Coma
Dead Yankee Drawl
Boxes and Lists
Just A Kid
Sorrow 16
Comfort Comes
Automatik Teknicolor
Broken Up Again
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Old 25-01-2011, 14:09
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Prologue to history!!!!!!!!!
"The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions" (Susan Sontag)
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