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Old 19-08-2010, 21:36
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Cross-Referencing Manics Lyrics

Was listening to 'Picturesque' for the first time in ages today and it must have been for the first time since JFPL was released because I only noticed the use of the same lyrics in 'All Vanity'! Can anyone think of any other Manics tracks that cross-reference each others like this or is that the first? Am worried i might have missed something potentially exciting over the years :-)
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Old 19-08-2010, 21:36
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You Stole The Sun (Straight) From My Heart in Your Love Alone
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Old 19-08-2010, 21:45
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There are lots aren't there? I'll state the obvious (given where we are) - Forever Delayed, - the song of the same name and outro of Roses in The Hospital. I'd argue 'But it's never enough' from It's Not War... is a reference to Your Love Alone... too.
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