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Old 13-09-2021, 17:09
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Anyone from Swindon?

I'm living in Swindon ATM, would love a lift back after manics in bath. I don't mind covering petrol etc
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Old 13-09-2021, 20:54
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I'm in Chippenham, last gig in Bath I was able to make the last train at 22:47. Barely mind you, with watching DFL from the back.

Edit: just seen that the the last train is at 22:13 which is a ball breaker for anyone who wants night life. If you're still stuck come gig night, let me know and we can get you as far as Chippenham. Great Western ain't so great anymore.....

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Old 15-09-2021, 12:53
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I'll be coming from Wantage so could come back via Swindon
We are still waiting on this section, it's gonna be badass. But while you wait perhaps you would care to peruse the lyrics for 'Underdogs' and 'Your Love Is Not Enough', from the album 'Send Away The Tigers'.
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