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Old 19-09-2021, 16:45
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Originally Posted by tzb View Post
Sounds like a result (never loved Robeson live, a momentum-killer)
It’d be more of a result if they gave it a rest with all these covers.
1994: Clapham Grand, Reading Festival, Portsmouth Guildhall, London Astoria.
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1998: Hereford Leisure Centre, Exeter Arena, Wembley Arena, Cardiff Arena.
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2002: Brixton Academy
2009: London Forum
2014: London Roundhouse x 3
2021: Portsmouth Guildhall
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Old 19-09-2021, 19:53
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MSP just posted this on instagram:

Not sure when it is from as it doesn’t give a description or a location - anyone know if they played Little Baby Nothing?
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Old 19-09-2021, 20:01
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I don't believe this relates to last night's gig but to tonight's. This looks like it's from a lighting check/soundcheck and absolutely suggests LBN in Cardiff tonight. Especially as we know they have a female vocalist on hand for a number of tracks anyway...
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Old 19-09-2021, 21:26
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Didn't read all that goons posts on Twitter, but what in the bloody hell was he going on about? Take it he doesn't like the band for whatever reason but is moaning about all sorts of random shit about them. Weirdo, he needs to get a life instead of posting random stuff on the internet like that. Anyway, hope the band played well at the gig
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