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Old 24-03-2012, 07:52
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Funny Oldish Interview from 1998

I remember watching this live when it aired..In Australia on channel V, i was a bit yoo young to go along to that festival though...It's the manics being a bit goofy. Nicky can't stop pulling his mic chord for the whole time.
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Old 25-03-2012, 14:07
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I saw that about a year ago, the live footage clips are great they're really pumped up, esepcially Sean on the drums. James does loads of mental spinning too which is cool to see. I wish they'd play EMG with the same passion cos for about the last 10 years it's so flat and lifeless. Funny interview, very different from the standard questions and answers they give out. Good stuff. Plus it's in Australia which makes it a bit cooler too in my opinion
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