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Old 22-09-2013, 23:50
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Originally Posted by bachelorette View Post
I'm still considering the vinyl, but it means not being able to easily skip Cate Le Bon's warbling. I might not enjoy it as much in consequence, I've already created a parallel universe where 4LR never made it past demo stage...
It is so strange to think of those unexpected little wrinkles in people's taste in music. (I would also say "unfortunate", because they usually keep one from enjoying something beautiful) Would it really be so hard for you to let yourself like this little gem? To think yourself around to it somehow? You really are missing something beautiful in 4 Lonely Roads. To me, it's just so... classic! And so enjoyably distant in a way, one of the few RTF tracks that isn't a massive emotional undertaking to listen to.

Such beautiful lyrics ("the terror, it has flown") from such a distant, sleepy little delivery. How it fits the album like a little jewel, the perfect missing piece, is RTF's compositional mastersroke. Really brings the whole "different singers" concept together, bravely I would say, as there's practically no manics singing on it. Yet it makes the album that much wilder and more varied. And that bass! That delicate bouncy bass and those unexpected little turns of rhythm (1st chorus to 2nd verse).

Positively delightful, really. Has made my day and will make many a day to come.

And this is from a guy who has practically survived the last decade listning to kent and the Manic Street Preachers. I probably live a thousand kilometres from where you do. For you to like both those bands - and not 4 Lonely Roads! no! not this one! fuck this one!- is just... well, I guess coincidences run out of coincidence at some point
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