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Old 16-07-2014, 07:00
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Originally Posted by andy View Post
As they use baby and love a lot it might be an idea to prefix and old song with a snippet of love...what do you think?
ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
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does the worm think that that's the way we all go?
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Old 16-07-2014, 07:18
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Originally Posted by NasalScarecrow View Post
I did say "only band I have ever heard"!

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Old 16-07-2014, 08:33
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But despite their confrontational, establishment-hating message, the Manic Street Preachers' most used word in their first three albums is "love"
That is so sweet and ironic at the same time.
But to think of it you kinda do talk about love when you say "we don't talk about love" (which appears in their fourth album, btw.). It's a little bit like "never say never". (which is even more paradoxical because you repeat "never" two times, but that's out of topic)

No surprise the Manics lyrics have always been my favourite English textbook. So much vocabulary.
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Old 16-07-2014, 08:57
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Love alone is not enough!

I love diversity in Manics' lyrics. Sometimes silly sometimes sophisticated but always beautiful!
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Old 21-07-2014, 21:26
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Originally Posted by everlasting View Post
Cool interesting article. Another record for the MANICS woo!!!
Great read, thanks x
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