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Old 26-09-2018, 12:57
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George Ezra didn’t really have any redeeming features for me. His story telling was as dull as his music. We were on the Level 1 balcony at the side near the stage and everyone around me was loving him though. I felt like I was at a kids’ birthday party

Blossoms weren’t as bad as George, although I got bored of them after a couple of songs and the rest sounded a bit samey.

I enjoyed what there was of the Manics (if Ezra hadn’t waffled on so much between songs, they might have got a bit longer!), but it was very short. I can’t say I was expecting any surprises in the setlist though. They’ve already mentioned the possibility of Truth gigs next year, so don’t see why they wouldn’t save anything Truth related for that.

Oh well though...this gig was always going to be like this and hey, at least the tickets were cheap. Although with the amount of reserved seats on the balcony levels for guest listed people, there can’t have been a huge amount of tickets for sale in the first place. That was a bit annoying being told you couldn’t sit in any of the side seats nearer the stage. We just stood behind the seats and got a good view like, but still. Spotted Milton Jones sat in one of said reserved seats too, which was a bit random (well we weren’t sure if it was definitely him or just a good lookalike, but other sightings of him confirmed it was him ).
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