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Old 28-01-2019, 23:54
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Originally Posted by Velocitygirl View Post
I remember that person! I didn't post back to them as I've been a steady lurker since I first joined this site back in 03, but I do remember that person. I'm still not convinced it was Rachel, since that poster also had some weird, fangirling FB page dedicated to Richey. Would Rachel do that?

However, I did have a bit of a run-in with the one of the authors of the book on here. She was having a right old go at anyone who didn't believe her "Richey was murdered" theory. Rather than try to expand on the theory, she just resorted to calling us all dumb.
There is a blog post here of Rachel's that links directly to that FB page & has a reply comment to everyone from a 'kezia.' Sara & kezia have been particularly horrifying in comments both on that FB page & here, so we may have to just assume that Rachel isn't who we expected, especially since this book seems to legitimise that they do know each other (Sara was always commenting & promoted by that page, I thought forever that it was most likely just her behind it). I know people are going to buy it, of course, but I'm disgusted by this whole thing. It seems like a grief spiral after finding someone infatuated enough with every detail of her brother's life to keep hope alive & hate all the same people.
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