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Old 21-04-2017, 10:36
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* The re-recording of Take The Skinheads Bowling - pointless
* Failure Bound
*Engage With Your Shadow
* Fans kissing seans ass on Twitter.
* The fact GATS is ignored like a Ginger Stepchild.
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Old 21-04-2017, 11:28
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I've mentioned most of my pet-cringes one thread or another, and I want to preface these by underlining how small a fraction these things are compared with the overwhelming love I have for most of the Manics' work and my respect for them as a band. Anyway, I think these are my main ones...

• The main riff of Autumnsong. Just that bit too derivative for me, and I don't like the particular 'squeally' tone of it for some reason. I actually quite like most of the track's music apart from that.
• Engage With Your Shadow
• All direct references to bluetooth, twitter, facebook, google etc. in lyrics.
• (fake) Sitar and strings on live Tsunami. It's one of my favourite Manics tracks so I guess I'm extra-sensitive to it, and they do the job, but they sound (too) fake and perfunctory live, whereas on the recorded track they are central to the gorgeousness of the music.
• The Underdogs edit. Thi-. Wish they'd release a fixed version. I never hated the track itself, which is why I still care.
• The continuous dismissal of Lifeblood and all 'lost their way/mis-step/dark days of...' type-references from both the band and anyone else. In the words of King Arthur*, 'You make me sad.'
• This thread! We fans are not above being cringeworthy ourselves upon occasion! Myself included.

*A version of, at least...
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Old 21-04-2017, 15:52
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A few songs (Autumnsong, It's Not War, Show Me the Wonder, Your Love Alone, Together Stronger et al), and Nicky's insistence that certain songs are angry/political/loaded with meaning when they just... aren't.
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Old 21-04-2017, 15:57
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The "I will not give up and I will not give in" bit of Postcards From A Young Man, a bit. James does sound determined, I'll give him that. Just not giving in doesn't seem a viable option right now.
Originally Posted by allisvanity View Post
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Manics fans, never fucking happy.
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Old 21-04-2017, 19:48
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These are more of rants then cringes
  • the vocal overdubbing on PFAYM, sounds likes theres a bit of feedback, makes the album sounds quite poorly produced. Also theres a bit of feedback on LBN which has always bothered me.
  • The Richey excerpt on Askew Road just seem a bit overbearing, sampling themselves.
  • Lack of GATS reissue creates a gap in the re-issues.
  • SATT 3 disc reissue not being packaged the same way as the previous ones. I wish they could be more consistent.
  • THB 20th edition - Booklet having overlapping images. Contains tracks that have nothing to do with the album (such as YLU), would prefer tracks that give me some background into the making of the album like demos. EMG20 bothered me also.
  • Both Autumnsong videos.
  • Backing out of releasing Forever Delayed as a single
  • Renaming it to 4ever Delayed
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Old Yesterday, 04:39
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No live albums from one of the best live bands.

I could've sworn O2 would've gotten a nice CD release, that concert seemed made for one, but nope - just random bonus tracks here and there that were a pain in the arse to collect.

Speaking of pain in the arse to collect - all their B-sides and non-album tracks. They have so many and they're so great, but good luck getting finding them all in one easy, convenient place.
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Old Yesterday, 09:53
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Erm, not sure really. Some of their singles choices but I still like the songs on some level. Their constant putting down of Lifeblood gets annoying to hear, but then I feel the same for GATS.
Never got the fan dislike for It's Not War, it's an okay song, not amazing, just nothing special. Erm.... I don't know, nothing makes me cringe. Some of Nicky's songs I guess, like....erm...what was it called....Engage with your Shadow, although me and my girlfriend find it hilarious and sometimes randomly sing it for a laugh
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Old Today, 12:11
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** Nicky's description of an upcoming album versus how it actually turns out.
** The band's continued need to feel the need to address the 'masses' with dross songs like Together Stronger (C'mon Wales) - which was great live that time in Newport - and albums such as SATT and likely the upcoming one when they are at their best being the confident outsiders. Eg. THB, Futurology, GT
** Their obsession with putting out v-neck merch. I think this may be JDB's fault.
** Nicky's patchwork sailor suit, even though it was designed by Red Curtis.
** The way that DFL has become a happy clappy ending where fans are invoted to singalong.
** Their fans refusual to engage with any other act other than them unless there is some sort of convoluted link. (Note: I'm aware this is both a gross generalisation and not the band's fault)
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With that impressive catalouge of songs, not making more varied set lists
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Old Today, 15:30
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Not cringey so much as disappointing.

The epic solo in Intravenous Agnostic that used to play when you entered one of the old Manics forums. I can't recall the name of the forum but it was just prior to the release of Know Your Enemy and that ferocious noise coupled with all the anticipation of the album harking back to the Holy Bible created such great expectancy. Then the album came out and it was full of filler.
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