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Old 13-04-2013, 14:07
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Originally Posted by hummingbird View Post
it's alright. Sections of it are laughable but if you forget you're a manics fan for the duration it'll pass the time. A version of reason is actually worse. Not good when you recognise magazine interviews in the text and i gave up on it.

Agree with the above poster saying it shouldn'tve been part biog and part fiction.
I actually didn't mind it - there are complete parts lifted from other sources, and when he goes to by richeys flat and looks out his window to it, it feels a little self indulgent, but decent read on the whole
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Old 14-04-2013, 01:30
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Originally Posted by helvissa View Post
It hasn't made it to the 1p for a second hand copy thingy on Amazon yet. Tragic.

Birmingham has 3 copies? AWESOME! Then again, they do like spending their money on crap (I refer you to the new library with those pointlessly shitty, and no doubt fiercely expensive random metal hoop things all over the windows that look like an explosion in a bed spring factory. BUY BOOKS NOT POINTLESS ARCHITECTURE YOU MORONS).
I don't really understand what is happening with libraries in the UK at present. Many are being forced to close, and then some cities are opening up new ones. I've been looking at the new UK libraries online to get ideas for the planning of our new library.

I picked up the Richey book with every intention of reading it, but it was just dreadful. Ben should find his own inspiration elsewhere.
"He read himself into insanity."

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Old 16-04-2013, 14:20
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The new Brum one looks an eyesore from the outside!!
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