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Old 28-06-2018, 23:10
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Yeah if we're picking at things that were odd, James mentioning several times 'back to the 90's' kind of was pointless and seemed like he was making them a museum band of sorts. I didn't like it personally. The random lyrics on the big video, it just showed one line of a song for the duration so it was pretty pointless, some other songs like Heaven had the full video playing (well, the footage of the woman singing to the camera from different takes and colours), but the one random line of a song was odd, maybe just put them in all like karaoke and get the crowd singing along? What do I know.
I love how you know James is always about to walk off further along the stage but then realises he has to get back to the microphone and ONLY just makes it, he's been doing this for a couple of years now and it always amuses me.
Oh, and letting the dull crowd take a full verse of ADFL doesn't work, I saw about 4 people singing even though the audio of the crowd was turned up for TV. Chorus, sure, but not a full verse.
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Old 29-06-2018, 00:06
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Quite like the one line videos and the recent visuals, and I love the HMLAH video that they use live - think it brings the song to life. Think the Manics have always been strong with that, I remember 1996 when NSAF live had the flames video, 2002 with the cockroaches during Masses and so on.

It does sound like a new album is in the making doesn’t it. Hopefully the next album and tour will move away from this Manics & Friends / Rent-a-musician-mate / James does Manics karaoke and we get a proper Manics album, whether it sounds like TIMT, GT or EMG, I just want them to go back to being them.
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Old 04-07-2018, 22:45
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It looked like something fell from Nick's keyboard like the side panel or something? at the beginning of Motorcycle Emptiness, that the crew retrieved. I also thought they they shouldn't need to mention they were playing 80s, then back to the 90's, and the new songs like they weren't a consistent band. I thought the screen seemed to be stuck on some of the lyrics and Nicky was looking at the screen quite a bit during a few songs. I thought they played a great set though and it was nice to see Nicky smiling a few times. I hope they play more concerts this year.

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Old 08-07-2018, 14:24
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The whole gig is available in UHD if you have Sky Q. Looks and sounds great!
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Old 10-07-2018, 22:42
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I watched it all on Sky at my parents the other day. Hope a quality upload finds its way onto Youtube, I know the gig is on there but it's not great quality at all sadly
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