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View Poll Results: Was The Holy Bible tour a worthwhile endeavour?
Yes 100 97.09%
No 3 2.91%
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Old 24-06-2015, 20:24
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Yes definitely worth it. I still think the Manchester gigs last year were my favourite of the whole lot as they felt more intense and had an edginess to them that wasn't there (understandably) by this year. Cardiff was special in a different way; it was much more triumphant and whether people turned up for the hits or otherwise, they still came and seemed to enjoy it overall.

I think it was something the band felt they wanted and needed to do, so I'm glad they did and that it was a success. Looking forward to non-THB gigs now though; if the next tour is EMG20 then that's fine by me too. They gave us two new albums back to back and they will get round to new stuff again soon enough. I like to have a break from them as much as they need a break at times too, so I don't really mind if they go quiet for a bit after the festival season.
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Old 24-06-2015, 20:36
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I love how hearing songs live sometimes make you appreciate songs more. Mausoleum I've always liked but these gigs made me love it - Used to always skip Intense Humming of evil and now I won't. Same with Condemned to rock 'n' roll tho' James's Rough Trade gig changed my mind about that one.

Looking forward to some EMG gigs.. they'll do more than " one or two" I'm sure. They said they'd do one or two THB gigs the fibbers

oh and i got to see two castles on this tour. Who'd a thunked that?
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Old 24-06-2015, 20:48
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Definitely worth it! I may have missed almost all of the second half but at least I saw THB in it's entirety!
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Old 24-06-2015, 21:04
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It was a rare treat for us across the Pond. The band usually seems to tour when it's a busy time at work for me and can't get the time off. And the money to fly out to the UK for a couple of days.
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Old 26-06-2015, 12:09
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Originally Posted by darkanddivine View Post
A great celebration for the fans, and in that sense it's very likely worthwhile. Many MSP fans either missed the boat in 94, or came in around the time that it all but disappeared from the setlists. I just wonder if 2004, rather than 2014 was the time to tackle such an abrasive work.
Probably would have been a bad idea for the band. Critics had the knives out a bit more in 2004, and after the perceived calamities of KYE and LB, I'm sure they would have been accused of relying on former glories.

They've got back a lot of their critical shine in recent years, and have been very prolific, so given that, I think this gave them the opportunity to do it with considerably less worry.

I just hope it inspires them to make the next album a bit harder. I have a fear that we'll be back in dad-rock string-section hell if they don't record new stuff before they inevitably tour EMG!
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Old 28-06-2015, 17:35
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I had a great time at the two gigs I attended. It was great to hear the album in full and I welcome hearing EMG in full as long as they bring rarities to the 2nd set too.
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Old 28-06-2015, 18:16
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Originally Posted by AK47 View Post
I had a great time at the two gigs I attended. It was great to hear the album in full and I welcome hearing EMG in full as long as they bring rarities to the 2nd set too.
And at least the break in between the two sets won't be as long given there's less challenging costume changes between EMG and the 2nd set!
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Old 29-06-2015, 20:03
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Hell yes, it was worthwhile!
One of my favorite albums of all time being played in full, I'm very satisfied.
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Old 30-06-2015, 17:00
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Yes. Was at the Glasgow gig (the first THB performance) and it felt pretty special. Also watched the second half of the Cardiff gig the other day and thought they were on brilliant form - I think playing that album on tour has done them a power of good physically as a live band.
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Old 01-07-2015, 00:36
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Yes! This was the first time I've seen them live, a rarity as an American, and to watch them play my teenage favorite in its entirety was life changing for me.
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Old 02-07-2015, 05:55
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They came to America and played my favorite album of their's at my favorite venue in LA, so a resounding YES*!

*(dumb cunt's same dumb questions...)
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Old 02-07-2015, 11:56
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I think the tour was perhaps a bit long. By the time Cardiff rolled around, they'd been playing it live for 6 months and seemed to be on autopilot a bit.
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Old 03-07-2015, 10:37
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3 London gigs were great, no regrets
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Old 09-07-2015, 10:39
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When rumours started circulating about a Holy Bible tour I was unsure. I wanted a proper Futurology tour for starters but I was also worried about a) the nostalgia element and b) what if they couldn't carry it off? Despite this, when it was announced I was squeeing quite hard and got all excited. Naturally.

The two Roundhouse gigs I went to were outstanding, two of the best gigs I've ever witnessed. I was half crying through happiness. Between the bouncing about anyway. I'd agree with hearing them as a three piece, it was stunning and James performs better. The keyboard is ok in a live setting, not too overbearing but hearing it on recordings is a horrible experience!

Cardiff was great, beautiful setting and sunset. Totally different atmosphere and much less intense so I'm glad I witnessed it inside. I felt they were saving energy in THB part for the second set which I kind of understand. It was a KILLER second half.

Was it worth it? HELL TO THE YEAH
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Old 10-07-2015, 23:33
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Originally Posted by Takk View Post
Definitely, I got to hear the album in full played pretty amazingly, and especially since I got to hear some songs I'd never heard live before:

Condemned To Rock 'N' Roll
Thanks for that post, watched muted, with the audio of playing. Nice to appease the repressed inner teenage-me.

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