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Old 11-06-2024, 16:16
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The Eden Project 29/06/2024

29th of this month. Second date of their 2024 tour. Not got tickets but deserves a thread because of this website
At the minute a blank page. Might be used to stream stuff? No idea if that's what their site is for.
Good luck whoever managed to get tickets. The thought of the Manics playing in that domed carbuncle seems an amazing night out when typed out like this.
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Old 11-06-2024, 16:46
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If they're going to live a gig couldn't they do the last one? I'm going to try and stay spoiler free until the first show I'm getting to!
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Old 11-06-2024, 22:12
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It's for more tickets, and there's accomodations available onsite too, tempted now...

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