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Old 21-01-2020, 15:54
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But it’s all very “golden” and soft. They could be sending subliminal messages������
I know I believe in nothing but it is my nothing; wish I could Sparkle and Believe...
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Old 21-01-2020, 17:08
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I demand an April tour in which they play both GATS and Lifeblood in full. I feel that’s only reasonable!

*waits for pigs to fly etc*
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Old 23-01-2020, 00:27
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So did anyone hear Nicky on Zoe Ball? I know there's catch up, but that plays havoc with my Tablet.
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Old Yesterday, 00:10
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Mention Rumblefish (not manics) 16 mins in. It's not exactly a "classic"
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