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Old 20-12-2014, 16:15
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I found them in 2008 and dove straight into The Holy Bible, GATS and Generation Terrorists - it was during the lowest point of my depression when I was suffering the most with self harm, anxiety and an eating disorder. They made me feel like I was able to cope and they gave me the feeling of comfort knowing that they'd experienced similar issues and still managed to carry on and also inspire.

Glad to say, six years later I'm functioning better than I ever have and they still continue to inspire me I stand by the fact that if I hadn't have found them when I did I would have made myself a lot worse than I was.
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Old 20-12-2014, 23:32
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They have been there twice in my life, both at dark/difficult moments.

First time was when I was seeing this awful bitch from Newcastle. It was only 3 months, but she really did a job on me. I lost some friends who I haven't patched it up with and to be quite honest I won't either - I don't miss them. But I was depressed, I went out more and more and drank a lot more heavily. It was this point "Send Away The Tigers" came out, and I listened to it religiously. "Winterlovers" still reminds me of her. "Beauty of dead industry" as she was from an old mining town. Also "Stay Beautiful" but that's more of a fuck you bitch than anything else.

The second time was my Dad passing away last year. He was suffering from lung cancer and in May he had a stroke. The sister, the mother and me kept vigil at his bedside for 6 days before he died. "Rewind The Film" came out in September and I was at work when I listened to the lead track. This particular set of lyrics set me off crying - which shocked the women I work with as I'm not one to show emotion too easily - "I want to feel small // Holding on my father's hands // Playing all the records // Praying that they'll never stop". I'll be honest, I haven't been able to listen to the album properly. I think I last listened to it in full last November. But I'm always listening to "Show Me The Wonder".

Wrapping it up, "Futurology" has helped finish the work "SATT" started. I was prolific with guitars, writing music and learning how to sing as best I could. All that stopped with her, creativity went out the window and I haven't wrote a song since her. Now though, the album blew my mind. SPLAM making me pick up the guitar and learning the song properly for the first time since her. I would call her by name but she isn't worth the pixels.
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Old 22-12-2014, 06:28
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Whenever I'm going through a bad time I try to find a Manics song to get me through it.

I had an ectopic pregnancy in September and the songs that got me through were There By the Grace of God and Futurology. I was also crying when they were playing This is Yesterday on Tuesday as it touched a raw nerve about my current feelings.

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